August 11, 2017

One pig(let) is not enough

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Two days after our last meeting, The Hungry Tourist and I met up for a proper meal.  He had missed out on having the roast suckling pig at Fook Lam Moon (福臨門) last year, and on this trip he wanted to have it at Seventh Son (家全七福).  So we both called in reinforcements and ended up with a table of six for lunch.  That should be just enough to try and take down a piggy...

Deep-fried chicken kidney mixed with egg custard (雞子戈渣) - always love this dish, both for the texture as well as the rich flavors.  I think our visitors were pleasantly surprised by this, and enjoyed these little wobbly chunks very much.

August 9, 2017

The obligatory first lunch

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The Hungry Tourist is back in town, and as usual, he made lunch at Yat Lok (一樂燒鵝) his first stop after landing.  Since the place is literally one minute's walk from my office, I agreed to join him for a late lunch.

With just the two of us, I proceeded to order us a lower quarter of roast goose (燒鵝下庄).  This would guarantee us one of the coveted drumsticks.  I still love the paper-thin, crispy skin... which is full of flavor from the spices they use to marinate the bird.  Just delicious.

But even with the Hungry Tourist getting a bowl of dumplings and me with my plate of steamed rice, this just wasn't enough food.  So we ended up getting another roast goose drumstick (燒鵝脾)...  NOW we were satisfied!

I bid my friend farewell, and look forward to our next meeting - in two days.

August 5, 2017

A touch of silver oak

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Mrs. Tigger is back in town, and we haven't had a chance to enjoy a nice meal together for some time now.  She wanted to have some Japanese, and Hello Kitty and I thought we should check out Kashiwaya (柏屋) together.  This Hong Kong outpost of the venerable Osaka original picked up two Michelin stars in the first year they opened, so we figured there's gotta be something there...

Given this was our first time, we decided to take the cheapest of the three tasting menus on offer.  We thought this would be sufficient in terms of food, although we did add an extra dish to be shared.


Sakizuke : kuruma prawn, avocado, shiitake mushroom, caviar, winged bean, spagetti squash, walnuts paste, prawn broth jelly (先つけ : 車海老  アボカド  椎茸揚げ焼き  キャビア  四角豆  糸瓜  胡桃あん  エビゼリー) - the chilled prawns, prawn jelly, and crunchy winged beans and loofah made for pretty clean and refreshing flavors.  Unfortunately the rich walnut paste went in the other direction and detracted from what otherwise was a perfectly good start.

August 3, 2017

Krug x Mushroom

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Last year I had the privilege of being invited to the Hong Kong launch of Krug x Egg - the 2016 edition of Champagne Krug's annual ingredient pairing.  This year the chosen ingredient is mushroom, and I was happy to have been invited to go on a walking tour of Krug x Mushroom, visiting three different restaurants in the course of one evening.

Our tour started at Arcane, a restaurant I have visited once - where I enjoyed my dinner very much.  For some reason, though, I never found myself back there for more of Shane Osborn's well-regarded cuisine.

We would, of course, start with a flute of Krug Grande Cuvée. We are now on the 163ème édition, with the base coming from 2007 and the oldest in the blend from 1990.  Good ripeness on the palate, with some marmalade.

August 1, 2017

Back to Kazakhstan day 8: Expo 2017

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It's my last day in Kazakhstan, and I'm a little weary from all the traveling while carrying my heavy camera bag.  I decided to lounge around in my hotel room a little longer than I had planned to, then took a taxi to visit Expo 2017.  As usual the hotel reception called for a "city taxi" (read: regular car willing to pick up passengers for money).

Fortunately it was still relatively early - just after 10 a.m. - and I didn't have to wait in line long for a ticket.


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