July 15, 2021

Just the two of us

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It's no secret that Neighborhood is my favorite restaurant in Hong Kong, if only ranked by frequency of visits.  But over time it's become a place where I habitually gather with larger groups of friends, as that is when the Neighborhood experience really shines - with big, often off-menu specials which can be shared among more hungry mouths.  The dining experience is decidedly different when it's a smaller group of 4 people or less, and a number of my friends have reported less satisfying visits under those types of circumstances.

However, this place is first and foremost a casual place where one should feel comfortable dropping in without much fanfare - provided that one could grab a table.  A neighborhood bistro, if you will, although it is unfortunately not in my 'hood.  I do miss that kind of dining experience, and it's been way too long since I got that feeling.  So I called up Shirley to make a reservation for two, and asked her to tell The Man in White T-shirt not to prepare anything special or big.  We wanted to order from the regular menu and pick whatever struck our fancy tonight.

It didn't quite work out that way.

Mochida Farm fruit tomato / pippara peppers - the tomatoes from Mochida Farms (持田農園) are always a good idea, and tonight they came with 'onion rings' and pimientos piparra.

July 11, 2021

Blur-blur Sunday

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I wanted to spend some quality time with My Favorite Cousin, and it's been months since I last visited my furry nephew, so Sankala and I went to hang out with them while I also played delivery boy.  Since someone insisted that her wine fridge had absolutely no more space, we thought it was only right that we help free up some room...

2016 Cantenac Brown - very minty, ripe and a little jammy, with sous bois and forest pine. Definitely still pretty tannic.

July 9, 2021

5 bottles for Friday

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While I have seen Belo a couple of times over the last couple of months, this particular foursome hadn't sat down at the same table since our fabulous wine dinner 3 months ago. Belo had recently been introduced to Castellana and found it worthy of a return visit. I, of course, was only too happy to oblige, as I had been curious about the place since some time last year. Thanks to the efforts of PR8, there was a flurry of posts on social media - with a particular dish grabbing all the attention. So yeah, it was an itch I kinda wanted to scratch.

I was a little surprised when I arrived at our table. The size of the table for four people was, shall we say, more suitable for a trattoria. There wasn't a whole lotta room here, particularly if we wanted to have a couple of decent wine glasses each.

After some discussion, it was decided that the ladies would take the 4-course option of Castellana Journey Around the World, while the Baller and I would take the 7-course option.

Interesting to see this sourdough at an Italian restaurant.

Our amuse bouche was a little tartlet with some Aussie winter truffle shaved on top.

July 6, 2021


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I haven't seen Babu in over a year, what with everyone being extra careful during the pandemic.  After having to reschedule a couple of months ago, it was finally our turn to check out Shikon by Yoshitake (すし 志魂).

It may surprise some people to hear that I have never been here before. After all, the restaurant has been open in Hong Kong for a number of years.  Yet when Chef Kakinuma Yoshiharu (柿沼利治) first arrived in Hong Kong, the pricing was shockingly high - with the highest of the three tiers coming in at a whopping HKD 4,500 for dinner, before service charge. Thinking it would be a better idea to visit Yoshitake-san when I go to Tokyo and pay the lower pricing, I never made this place a priority in my book. A fellow foodie's furious reaction to his lunch experience didn't help boost my desire to visit, either...  Of course, I have regrettably never made it to Yoshitake in Tokyo due to the difficulty of booking. 

After a couple of years of paying a significant markup at Sushi Saito (鮨 さいとう) in Hong Kong, I figured it was about time to tick this off my list. And there's no better companion to do this with than Babu.

The manager person came to ask us for our dietary restrictions, which was nice of him but... didn't I already tell the restaurant what the restrictions are when I confirmed the reservation a couple of days ago over the phone? The guy seemed a little taken aback when I told him, and quickly checked the stack of paper in his hands. I guess he found the list of items we didn't want to eat right there in his hand, but hadn't bothered to read it before asking the question.

Starting with the otsumami (おつまみ):

Steamed egg custard with monkfish liver (鮟肝茶碗蒸し) - this was a cold version, and the addition of monkfish liver definitely changed the texture into something more like a grainy and lumpy purée. Topped with ponzu gelée (ポン酢ジュレ) and diced spring onions. I really loved the flavors from monkfish liver with the distinctive mineral bite, which of course works very well with the acidity of the vinegar.

June 29, 2021

8 stories

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It's been years since I last treated my friendly neighborhood prime broker to a nice meal, and with the help they've given me lately, I felt it was high time I did something nice for them.   I wanted to choose a place that isn't too far from the office so that it would be relatively convenient, so I figured Ando would fit the bill pretty nicely.  I haven't been back to see Goldfinger in quite some time so it was time to rectify that situation.

The meal started with a trio of little bites:

Monaka with fruit tomato and jamón ibérico - jamón from Joselito.

Chocolate tart with Manchego and green peas - there wasn't that much Manchego but the smell and flavors were certainly very strong. Nice sweet peas.

Tomato water with zucchini

June 27, 2021

All my favorites for Sunday

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After the big meals from yesterday, I was hankering for something simple and classic.  We hadn't been back to Ho Hung Kee (何洪記) since late last year, and I kinda missed the classic dishes.  What was even better was that they now have set meals which offer up a number of crowd favorites in one go.

House specialty wonton noodles in soup (正斗鮮蝦雲吞麵) - it doesn't get more classic Cantonese than a bowl of 細蓉. Even though they didn't prop the wontons up with a spoon, they did follow tradition by putting the noodles on top and the wontons at the bottom.

June 26, 2021

The second stuffing

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A mere four hours after lunch, I'm sitting down for another meal big - this time at my favorite sushi restaurant in town.  Our last dinner here was a few months ago, and I was happy to be back at Sushi Saito (鮨 さいとう).  Once again, we had seats in front of Kubota-san.

Northern purple sea urchin with Japanese green sea urchin (北紫雲丹 と 馬糞雲丹) - with kobuzake (昆布酒) which, unfortunately, kinda changes the flavors of the sea urchins... and actually brings them closer together. The green sea urchin has stronger iodine flavors while the purple sea urchin was more elegant, as I would expect.

Ladies who lunch

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As if my feeding schedule weren't busy enough this week, My Favorite Birdbrain Cousin insisted on buying me lunch.  And she wanted to do it on a day when I already had a big dinner scheduled for an early time slot, which was certainly not ideal.  After some bitching on my part, Sankala was able to move our their lunch at Lobster Bar and Grill to an earlier time slot.

The restaurant is doing their "Shabby Chic" brunch menu, which unfortunately (for people like me) involves free-flow alcohol of different sorts. We were too dumb to understand how the system works in terms of different types of alcohol, so we ended up sticking to the basic version with unlimited martinis.

The reason the ladies wanted to come here was for their seafood platter. It's just one of those things where some people hanker for from time to time, and there were two ambitious people whose eyes opened real wide at the sight of this... I, of course, left this to the two of them.

June 24, 2021

Double birthday

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The Landlord and I decided to celebrate our birthdays together this year, and of course the venue would be none other than Caprice.  We had the Chef's Table for the night and, as it turns out, almost the whole restaurant to ourselves as the public section was closed for the duration of service.  Half the kitchen team would be downstairs catering for a large wine event.

I didn't ask for any particular dish for the evening, leaving things, as usual, up to Hairy Legs. I love how he continues to surprise me even after all these years.

Button mushroom and foie gras gelée tart - I was happily snapping a pic of this when Hairy Legs decided that he would come and ruin that pretty picture... by shaving some black stuff on top...

Of course, having slices of Tasmanian black truffle with your mushroom and foie gras tart is never a bad thing.

June 22, 2021

Dining with the rich and famous, episode 2

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It has been quite some time since I last paid my friend Uwe a visit, and certainly not since the arrival of the Chef Romain Dupeyre at Petrus.  I figured it was high time we returned and checked out what the new chef is churning out.

Knowing this would be a week with a number of heavy meals, I asked my friend if he would consider not killing me with food tonight.  I was surprised when he protested, wondering why every other chef is allowed to serve me long tasting menus while I would ask him not to.  I was at a loss for words. So I let him do his worst...

Pea, shallot, and mint tartlet - the flavors of the peas really popped at first, then you get the fermented flavors of the cheese in the tart base. Very nice.

Ōra King salmon stones - marinated with kombu (昆布), with ponzu (ポン酢) dressing. I was pretty surprised to see these again after 7 years, although this time around the Ōra King salmon from New Zealand was much, much more tasty than the tuna from last time. The flavors tonight were just so rich and just gave the taste buds a jolt to wake them up. I'm pretty sure my eyes opened up a little wider as I slowly chewed on it and savored the moment.

Foie gras bon bons - the gelée on the outside delivered a dose of vinegar acidity which surprised me a little, and the cheesy biscuit at the bottom was really nice.

June 20, 2021

One seat difficult beg

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In the age of pandemic social distancing and reduced operating hours that is 2021, a seat at certain restaurants in town have become so difficult to secure at it requires booking months in advance.  This is a phenomenon previously unheard of in Hong Kong, but here we are.  As globetrotting hungry diners remain stuck in the city with their wings clipped, they focus their attention on hometown favorites.

One of the beneficiaries of this trend is Hidden (秀殿), the kushiage (串揚げ) joint popular as a late-night hangout for chefs - pre-Covid, anyway. Towards the end of 2020, the restaurant was already becoming difficult to book. When I called in mid-April to book for a group of friends for a weekday dinner, the first available date was actually in early September! Knowing that it would be neigh impossible to grab seats for weekend lunch, Sankala nevertheless decided to try - figuring there would be the occasional cancellation. Much to my amazement, we got a call today with an offer of two seats. We didn't blink.

Since we had a pretty big dinner last night, I thought we'd take it easy today... and dispensed with some of the carb dishes.

Fried chicken wing (手羽唐揚げ) - I made sure to get two of these for myself, since I always rave about how good these are. That acidity in the dressing is just fab.

June 19, 2021

No winter warmers in summer

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The Zhongmeister was dining at my favorite private dining facility and asked whether Sankala and I would like to join them.  It has been months since I last dined there, and we figured Big Mac should come and meet up with old friends, too.

Since I wasn't organizing dinner this time, I didn't want to dictate the dishes for the group - except to request one dish which Sankala absolutely loves in the summer.  Very happy that the chef obliged us.

Barbecued kurobuta pork (黑毛豬叉燒) - never, ever have cause for complaint when a meal starts with a big plate of these delicious char siu (叉燒).

The Japanese kurobuta is nice and fatty, with good charring and lots of flavor from the soy sauce instead of honey glaze.

June 16, 2021

1/2 no niku

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At our last gathering, I promised a group of friends from my high school that I'd introduce them to Nikushou.  We were talking about yakiniku, and while there have been a number of places in town serving up premium Japanese beef, RAW Yeah has spent quite a lot of time and effort straying away from what is expected from a yakiniku joint - which makes the experience more interesting for me.

I was discussing menu options with the boss, and did remark that while I always enjoy it when he's in his 不務正業 mode - often at the request of people like me - my friends are in fact looking forward to eating beef.  So we agreed that the menu should be "at least 50% beef"...

Chilled Japanese snow crab, vinegar jelly (ズワイ蟹 土佐酢ジュレ) - always a great dish to start a meal with. The acidity from the jelly works so well with the cold, sweet crab meat and makes it a real refreshing dish, and also whets the appetite. We've got some crab tomalley (蟹味噌) in the mix, too.

June 11, 2021

In the Realm of the Senses

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Sankala and I were having such a good time at MONO a few weeks ago that we felt the Birdiegolfs needed to join us for another round. I expected to repeat a number of dishes tonight from my last visit, which is actually OK.  They were all pretty delicious so I don't mind having the same things again so quickly.

Shellfish / recado negro / mashua - similar to what we had last time, except tonight we've also got tua tua clams and razor clams in addition to scallops. Still got that hint of smokiness from the recado negro, which also delivered a little kick at the end. I liked the acidity of this ceviche, as well as the chewy seeds.

June 8, 2021

Spicy cotton

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Time for another Peanut Gang dinner, again arranged by our friend KC. Tonight we would be checking out Mián (紅棉), which has taken over the space vacated by Guo Fu Lou (國福樓). Our convenor has made arrangements with Chef Ronald Shao (邵德龍), who was previously at Yunyan Szechuan Restaurant (雲陽閣川菜舘) and, in fact, was born in Sichuan.

Razor clams with aromatic ginger (鮮沙薑蟶子) - the razor clams were very fresh and sweet, and a little dip of that classic aromatic ginger (沙薑) sauce seemed like just the right touch.

Apple wood smoked bean curd sheet rolls ∙ assorted vegetables (蘋果木煙薰素鵝) - pretty smoky, more so than expected.

Boneless silky fowl and chicken fillets ∙ spring onion ∙ dan dan sauce (擔擔鴛鴦雞) - nice presentation on the silkie chicken.

June 6, 2021

New guy on Sunday

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It's Sunday night and a bunch of us have made the trek from the Island up north for dinner.  Our destination is Sun Hon Kee Restaurant (新漢記), a restaurant in Fanling serving up Hakka cuisine.  The Man in White T-shirt had made the suggestion and helped make arrangements with Chef So Wai Hon (蘇偉漢).

Hakka is not a cuisine I am very familiar with, so coming all the way here was certainly something I looked forward to.  Chef So did tell us, though, that the menu he put together for us tonight wasn't entirely Hakka...

Pork tendon with shallot oil and soy dipping sauce (白烚豬前腿筋) - when this is the first plate that arrives, and you've got tender pork with tendons that melt in the mouth, you know this is gonna be a great dinner.

June 5, 2021

The replacements

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Sankala was faced with a dilemma.  Her lunch meeting was being postponed, but she was loathe to cancel her reservation at Le Bec Fin - having already done so once 2 months earlier.  So I agreed to join her for lunch, and grabbed Big Mac so we could introduce him to another place we like.

I chose 3 courses for lunch but decided to forgo the soup that I enjoyed last time.  I was more curious about one of the options for dessert!

Foie gras egg custard - OK, so I had this last time, too... except there were slices of white truffle in the winter. Still happy and enjoyable without.

June 3, 2021

Separated at lunch

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I had occasion to take a business lunch today, and somehow found my way to Sushi Sase Hanare (鮨 佐瀬 はなれ), now in their new location not far from my office.  My last visit to their old location was more than 3 years ago, and I realize that since then I've satisfied my sushi fix mainly at one place in town...

We didn't want to take the extended menu, as we figured it would be too much food. So the straightforward set lunch it is...

The otsumami (お摘み) was a cold egg custard with salmon roe (イクラ) on top.

The 15 pieces of nigiri followed.  One thing that hit me - after having gotten used to one particular style of sushi for the last couple of years - was that in addition to the shari (シャリ) being on the small side, the serving temperature was noticeably lower... and the vinegar was not as prominent. 

June 1, 2021

Cherry-popping, 2021 edition

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The Great One has a monthly booking at The Chairman (大班樓), and this time she has graciously asked if we wanted to join her as she introduces the place to a couple of first-timers.  I was asked to invite a couple of others, and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get Big Mac out again... along with My Favorite Cousin.

With a few virgins around, it was inevitable that The Great One would request a few of the signature dishes of the restaurant.  I also put in a request or two for things I wanted to eat, which aren't often served up when I go there with my friend...

Crispy taro cake with smoked duck (蜂巢芋泥煙鴨盒) - I love this but don't get to have it often, so it's one of the dishes I requested.  Loooove that fluffy, deep-fried taro crust which, at times, would feel almost ethereal.

Pickled mid-summer ginger root (大班樓子薑) 

May 30, 2021

525,600 minutes

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A year ago today, we lost our beloved asshole Kuma.  He should have had a few more years on this earth, but it wasn't meant to be... and he crossed the rainbow bridge to join other beloved members of our family.  We were devastated, and on the night after he left, we chose to have a simple dinner at Nikushou, and toasted him with a relatively simple bottle of red Bordeaux.  It was a depressing evening.

We still miss asshole a lot.  What I wouldn't give to have him back on the bed, sticking his asshole in my face to wake me up in the morning.  But we now have our dogcow CC, who is not quite Asshole 2.0.  She is the sweetest girl, and doing a good job of having us focus on love and attention upon her.

I figured we should remember Bro Bro by going back to Nikushou, so I brought a bottle to go with our simple dinner on a Sunday night.

Purple sea urchin (紫雲丹) - I guess we could have a little something before hitting the beef.  This had a tiny hint of bitterness without the salt, which brought out the richness and depth on the palate.  A little more sophisticated than the usual "ice cream"...

May 25, 2021

21 months

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I last visited the joint serving my favorite Cantonese roast goose some 21 months ago.  Back in the last few months of 2019 I was pretty busy traveling around... globetrotting for work as well as taking short trips to eat around Asia.  So it wasn't surprising that I didn't get around to grab that goose.  

Then the pandemic started, and since the end of January 2020, I stopped going to any establishment where I would have to share tables with complete strangers - regardless of whether there were panes of plexiglass between me and others.  So I haven't given Yat Lok (一樂燒鵝) a dollar in about 21 months.

That ends today. Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I feel a lot more safe about being out there with strangers. It also helps that the situation in Hong Kong has improved drastically, with low single-digit cases of local infections - and most of them traceable. So... before getting on a call tonight, a colleague and I walked through the door and sat down for dinner.

May 21, 2021

Deep-fried Friyay

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Big Mac pinged me 2 days ago.  He managed to snag a booking at a (relatively) new restaurant where booking were (supposedly) difficult to come by, was feeling generous, and wanted to see if I would join him for dinner.

Well, I already had two cheat meals this week, and really shouldn't push it with a third. But my friend IS taking me to Tempura Uchitsu (広尾 うち津), which has generated mixed feedback from my friends but operated by a local group whose outlets are among my favorite restaurants in town. And I do want to spend more time with my compatriot. So I agreed to the cheat meal, and roped in My Favorite Birdbrain Cousin for the evening.

We were presented with a tray bearing three starters:

But this is where things go wrong, and actually before I even took my first bite. We haven't even begun to touch these starter bites when one of the chefs laid down the first piece of tempura in front of us. WHAT.THE.FUCK?! This would have never happened at the honten in Hiroo (広尾).  Clearly a communication and service FAIL.

Corn soup (とうもろこしのすり流し) - basically a purée of raw corn, with a few kernels inside.  Very sweet thanks to the high sugar content of the corn.

Foie gras monaka (フォアグラ   最中) - the monaka shells were pretty toasty, and the flavors from the foie gras were pretty good, balanced out by the fruit acidity from the strawberry.

There were also slices of lean tuna (赤身), but of course I chose to let the others have my portion.

May 19, 2021

70s disco boogie night

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Sankala had an itch she needed to scratch. Having left in the middle of our lunch to attend a work meeting on a Saturday, she felt she hadn't gotten a full taste of what Mono has to offer. We finally decided to pay Ricardo another visit after more than 4 months.

Hokkaido sea urchin / tree tomato / causa - in addition to the tamarillos, we've also got dicd potatoes from the causa delivering some grainy textures, and slightly bitter flavors.  The creamy sea urchin worked very well with the acidity of tamarillos.  Razor clams added some sweetness, and some kiwicha on top provided a little crunch.

May 17, 2021

Three stars, zero gold

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It's been a while since the Landlord and I caught up over a meal, and much longer since we last had some wine together.  For us there is no better venue to dine out than at Caprice, so I asked Hairy Legs to take care of us at the Chef's Table, and proceeded to work out the wines my friends and I would bring.  I then happened to run into Mir and figured we could make it into a bigger party.

Yesterday, though, Hairy Legs messaged me to tell me about his injury, and proceeded to send me pictures of his (very) hairy foot...  Naturally the team is capable of taking care of us without him being around, so I wasn't the least bit worried. I expected to be served dishes from the new, spring menu, and I wasn't disappointed.

We started with the usual trio of amuses bouches:

Button mushroom and foie gras gelée tart - always tasty with those mushroom flavors.

Balik salmon with Kristal caviar

Pita with curry chicken mousse - curry, curry.

May 15, 2021

Three in a row

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I had been missing some decent sushi, which is rare for me.  Back in February I asked My Favorite Cousin if she'd like to go to Sushi Saito (鮨 さいとう). Since she had this thing about not eating carbs at night, and I didn't want to do long lunches on weekdays, that left us with Saturday lunch as the only option. This meant we waited for a full 3 months for the first available opening...

We were once again seated in front of Kubota-san.  I'm still getting used to his style of service.

Firefly squid (蛍烏賊) - served with mozuku (モズク). You've got wonderful acidity from the ponzu (ポン酢) to wake up the tastebuds, and also works to balance the umami and strong flavors from the squid.

May 12, 2021

Reunion in the 'hood

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One of the places Ninja wanted to hit while she is in town was Neighborhood, and as it turned out LCKitty had been wanting to go there with us for a while.  So gathered the troops and turned it into a reunion of sorts.  After all, other than Sankala, we all used to work for the same bank.

We took the second seating, and as we weren't able to start dinner on time, things were a little rushed tonight.

Chicken liver mousse with summer truffle - this was always gonna be a good way to kick off dinner, as the chicken liver was just so, soooo tasty.

Of course this was best served on bread, but the problem then becomes munching on too much bread, leaving less room for other goodies.

May 8, 2021

Shrinking Boy 2.0: 2 months later

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Another month has passed since I restarted my nutritional diet program, and the last month had been a little harder than the first.  So it wasn't surprising that I didn't make as much progress compared to the first month.

Weight loss to date: 4.4kg

May 4, 2021

Second Man: Ho!

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I'm dining out at a Cantonese restaurant located in a hotel for the second night in a row.  This time, though, the dinner was organized for the Peanut Gang... and I finally got a chance to see for myself why KC has been a long-time fan of Chef Jayson Tang (鄧家濠) of Man Ho Chinese Restaurant (萬豪金殿) at the JW Marriott Hong Kong.

The menu was pre-arranged with the chef, and no doubt KC informed him about The Arrogant Prick being in the house.  With a disappointing dinner last night, I was hoping that things would turn out very differently tonight. 

They certainly did.

Our welcome drink was made with purple onion and lemon, tasted of a little honey, and was meant to boost immunity.

The amuse bouche was a mix of green papaya with passion fruit.

May 3, 2021

First Man: Wah!

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Ninja's back in town and finally out of quarantine, so we arranged to meet up over a Cantonese meal.  I have been curious about Man Wah (文華廳) after their much-ballyhooed renovation, and since none of us had visited the restaurant in its new incarnation, I figured we could go scratch that itch.

I normally don't pay too much attention to the decor of the restaurant, but I must agree with Ninja that the new ambience is very laowai (老外)... i.e. what a Caucasian would imagine Chinese decor should be.  Locals would take one look at the blue and think of 死人藍, but hey... when it comes to interior design, I know iron bar meh?

I informed our server upfront that I had zero interest in any of the tasting menus put together by the restaurant, as these are rarely interesting to me while dining at Cantonese restaurants.  As we were getting together for our visitor, it was only right that she pick out a few dishes that she wanted to try.  I had never really properly tried the cuisine of Chef Wong Wing-Keung (黃永強), although he seems quite beloved by the local foodie community.

I was pretty hungry, so these candied walnuts came in pretty handy.

Deep-fried matsutake mushroom pudding (松茸戈渣) - we started with a dish that's been all over social media.  I love these old school deep-fried custards, and wouldn't dream of passing up the chance to taste them.

April 30, 2021

Three Burg night

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We've caught up with the Fergies a few times this year, but haven't dined out with them too much.  After discussing a few options, we ended up choosing Roganic for dinner tonight.  I've had two pretty good meals here before, so I felt pretty good about coming back.

Both my previous visits saw us take the short testing menu, and I felt pretty comfortable about the amount of food we got.  I was ready to do the same again, seeing that this was a cheat meal while I'm on my diet.  But Fergie had other ideas... so the long tasting menu was what we got.

Citrus cured salmon and seaweed tartlet - the nori (海苔) shell carried citrus cured salmon roe along with some yuzu (柚子) gel.  Pretty tasty.

April 29, 2021

Disappointing Bastard

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For all the buzz around Bâtard ever since it opened, I was never eager to go check it out for myself.  The dishes which helped the restaurant become popular were, primarily, dishes first created by others or seemingly popular and available elsewhere.  The cold angel hair with caviar starting showing up in Singapore more than a decade ago thanks to Gunther Hubrechsen, and over the last few years more than a handful of fancy restaurants in town served up roast chicken - sometimes with rice as accompaniment.  Every time a friend asked me whether I had been to the restaurant, I always replied that I didn't see anything that would draw me there - in terms of food.

Of course, the restaurant is operated by the people behind The Fine Wine Experience, who wanted a venue to enable them to sell more wine.  The real attraction here, at least for someone like me, was the pricing on the wine list.  The wines were priced just about the same level as the retail shop, which was just like the way I used to buy a bottle at Vinum and have them serve it to me at Les Amis in Singapore.  For people who, myself included, insist on BYO because they don't want to pay ridiculous markup on wines at restaurants, this was music to our ears.

So I finally got around to booking a table, which entailed a wait of just about 2 months.  Meanwhile, Belo and I spent some time browsing through the wine list to pick out a few bottles.  Unfortunately for my friend, I am too cheap and ended up removing the more pricy bottles she had chosen...

Beef tartare Cannelloni - the crispy tubes were stuffed with minced beef "from Northeast France" seasoned with olive oil.


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