May 4, 2002

82s at the Lighthouse

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Dr. Poon is celebrating his 35th birthday, and invited us all for dinner in Singapore. All of us were staying at The Fullerton, since the dinner was being held at The Lighthouse by Les Amis, the restaurant at the top of the hotel helmed by Chef Justin Quek.


Cauliflower purée, Iranian caviar, lobster emulsion

Tuna belly, live scallops and foie gras with black truffles

Poached egg, fresh morels and Spanish ham

Truffle soup "en croûte"

Lobster and crispy veal sweetbreads, red wine sauce

Baby lamb loin, fricassée of chanterelles, sauce diable

Glass tagliatelle "à la carbonara"

Seared wagyu beef fillet, wilted spinach, natural jus

Grilled pigeon breast, baby spring vegetables

Selection of cheese

Birthday cake

Cavaillon melon with pineapple-cinnamon sorbet

The focus was, of course, the wines. We had two blind flights of reds, which turned out to be all 1982 Bordeaux.

Flight 1:

1982 La Conseillante
- nose of green pepper, sweet berries hidden underneath, smoke, smooth and velvety tannins. Not light but medium- to full-bodied.

1982 La Fleur-Petrus - tannins were still a little strong here.

1982 Latour à Pomerol - typical cigar smoke and pain grillé. Smooth tannins, which have been mostly shed. Really awesome and a quintessential Bordeaux.

1982 Certan de May - nose of pain grillé and sweet berries. Smooth but nose was very closed.

Flight 2:

1982 Pavie
- acidity was a bit high.

1982 Canon

1982 Cheval Blanc - sweet on the nose with some caramel. No smoke here.

1982 Figeac - nose of sweet grass and stewed prunes.

Other wines to finish:

Kistler Chardonnay (vintage and vineyard unknown) - toasty, nutty, ripe, sweet mid- and after-palate.

1983 Yquem - orange rind, pineapple, and acetone on the nose.


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