March 16, 2024

B's detour day 3: Macanese family-style

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One of the main items when I convinced B to make a detour to come visit me was a visit to Macau. While Hong Kong has always been a great destination, I've always felt that fine dining in Macau is a better deal - and it's easy to understand why. So I booked us a car to cross the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and, thanks to some unscheduled stops, checked in to the Grand Lisboa Palace more than an hour later than expected.

Which is how we arrived at La Famiglia on Taipa around 1½ hours later than the time of our original reservation. I had asked for recommendations for restaurants which are more Macanese and not just serving Portuguese cuisine, and I decided to check out this one.

Pastéis de bacalhau - these were pretty decent. On the dry side but still tasty.

Chamuças de porco - these samosas were also pretty decent.

Salada de lulas - love the little, tiny baby squid in the salad.

Arroz de pato - this was pretty decent, but I wish it packed a little more flavor beyond the couple of slices of chorizo and bacon.

Repulho salteado com alho - always happy to have cabbage done this way.

Galinha Africana - it's been a long time since I last had the famous Macanese dish of African chicken, and I didn't get it when I last had it. Well, this was OK, but I still don't get why this is supposed to be a special chicken. Yes, you've got some spices in the sauce, but so do many other chicken dishes.

Camaroēs à Macau - we needed another dish, so this was chosen so we could see how prawns could be "stuffed". As it turned out, there was no "stuffing", just a salsa of sorts like a sofrito. Not bad.

Serradura - I absolutely had to finish with this dessert. Not something I can find everyday.

We walked around the touristy area around Rua do Cunha (官也街) and did a little of our usual shopping. Time to retire to our room for a little break...

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