June 28, 1992

My first restaurant "review"

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I dug up this piece I wrote on an internet discussion board, 20 years to the day that I wrote it.  This has to be the first "review" I've ever done on a restaurant.  I'm posting it here for the sake of... history?  This was written when I was in college, about my first meal at a Spanish restaurant.  Have I changed much since then??

I've only been to Mallorca once, and here's what I thought of it:

The paella was overrated.  It really was.  The portions were huge.  You could serve 3-4 people with two portions.  Of course, you're charged a set amount per plate, so all you can do is take the rest home.

Fortunately, I did not order paella.  Instead, I ordered the mariscada.  It was divine!!  Assorted seafood in a rich garlic sauce.  I had so much fun pouring the sauce over my rice and literally drinking the sauce.  As with everything else, the portion was very big.  I had it wrapped for me to take home.  Unfortunately, they did not take care to put the sauce in a spill-proof container as I had asked them to.  When I got home the sauce had been spilled and was everywhere... Grrr.... I was drunk at the time, so I decided to pitch the whole thing in the garbage.

Speaking of drinking, we ordered a pitcher of sangria.  It was fairly good.  I'd  recommend it.  It's definitely different from the stuff you'd get at Chi-Chi's.

I'd also recommend the chiorizo (sp?), the spanish sausage.  Next time I'd go back I'd definitely order that again.

One thing that REALLY bothered me and marred the whole experience was the mussels.  I absolutely cannot stand any restraunt which does not take the time and effort for the shellfish to "breath" and spit out the sand it contained.  I found LOTS and LOTS of sand in the mussels, not only from my mariscada, but also from the appetizer we ordered.  I was completely disgusted and left the mussels alone.

Don't get the Spanish fries.  The portion is too huge, and you'll only let it sit there and get soft and greasy anyway...ugh!

Overall, I thought the food was very good (with the exception, of course, of the mussels).  I would definitely recommend it as a good place to go when you're tired of the regular variety of restraints and cuisines.

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Anonymous said...

You started this blog 20yrs ago~!! That's really amazing. you must really love what you are doing. that's wonderful!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the world.

Happy 2013!



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