January 26, 2008

You Can Still Buy Your Way Out of Trouble in HK

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Recently an absolutely scandalous event happened in Hong Kong which makes me shake my head. Hong Kong has always been a place where the rich can get away with anyhing, and we continue to see examples of this in everyday life.

A playboy tycoon was recently caught speeding in his fancy sports car. Apparently he was clocked wih a laser gun at 114 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. Normally this would have cost him his licence. But can you imagine one of the city's flamboyant tycoons having his licence taken away? Neither can the police or government, apparently.

The initial charge was subsequently reduced to a plea of driving at 79 km/h. Apparently there was a challenge to the procedure used by the officer in testing the laser gun when he first turned it on. The tycoon paid beaucoup money to get a British "expert" to testify that the officer basically screwed up.

What a crock of shit... I don't care if you are an 8-year old...laser guns are supposed to be easy to operate and there is no way that the measured speed can be off by 40 km/h... How much greasing do you think was done? My guess is A LOT.

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