July 26, 2008

Sevva-ing the dish

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I've been wanting to try out the food at Sevva, since it's been the talk of the town for the last few months. Review in general has been mixed - with most people recommending it more as a place for drinks and not for food. I figured trying the food out at lunch would do less damage on the wallet, so I grabbed a colleague to give it a try.

The view of the place is pretty gorgeous. I had a view of the terrace outside and some of the buildings across the harbor. The aircon, however, was blasting and I pretty much froze for the entire length of the meal.

The menu was relatively simple. I only saw one item that I could remember being a remnant of the Joyce Cafe days, but I wasn't in the mood for rice crackling in soup. I thought about trying out the Taiwanese beef noodle soup that I had heard about, but decided against it. I'd go back to my favorite joint in Taipei for that one...

In the end, what caught my eye was the wagyu beef cheeks and ox tongue pot pie. I am always up for beef cheeks and ox tongue, and putting the two together in a pot pie sounded fantastic. It came in a piping hot bowl, covered with a huge pastry top that just screamed "yummy!" After piercing the top with my fork, I discovered large cubes of ox tongue, along with chunks of beef cheek and smaller cubes of carrots and potatos in a tomato-based gravy. The ox tongue was really, really tender, just the way I like it. The wagyu was juicy (more like fatty) and also very tender. The whole thing was just very satisfying, and I thought that the quality of the dish was very high.

Despite being reasonably full from the heavy dish, I decided to have affogato for dessert. Unfortunately, after pouring everything on top of the delicious vanilla ice cream (you can see the black vanilla powder), I had to step out on the terrace for a conference call. When I am done with the call more than 10 minutes later, half the ice cream has melted... But nevertheless I found it very delish.

I must admit that I thought more than half the items on the dessert menu looked delicious. I think next time, I will just come and order 3 or 4 desserts. BTW my colleague thought her pappardelle with chorizo was good, and ditto for the lemon meringue. Must try next time.

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