August 29, 2008

Not quite worth Sevva-ing this time

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I made a return visit to Sevva today during lunch, along with a few other colleagues. We had someone who has never been to Sevva and was eager to try it out, so the anticipation was pretty high.

I wanted to try something different on the menu, so I chose the beef short-rib burger. The menu indicated that they drew inspiration from the Koreans, meaning it was similar to marinated kalbi - a bit sweet, fatty and tender. The burger also came with tomato and purple onions, plus fries on the side. Honestly, while I thought it was interesting to use kalbi as the meat, I wasn't wowed. I thought I was eating a glorified Mos Burger or McDonald's Fantastik... For the price that they charge, it was not good value for money. I'd much rather go back to Shake 'em Buns!

Two of my colleagues had the wagyu beef cheek and ox tongue pot pie that I had last time, and both thoroughly enjoyed it. The other colleague tried the Taiwanese beef noodle that she had heard so much about, but found it disappointing as there was too little beef, the broth was too sweet and the texture of the noodles not up to her expectations.

As two of us were disappointed with our food, we all decided to make up via dessert. The four of us ordered 5 desserts to share.

The signature crunch cake was interesting - it was a simple, light cream cake which came with some butterscotch/toffee crunch on the side. The crunch was really nice and fragrant, although I found the cake to be a little on the dry side.

The warm pear tarte a la mode was pretty good. It was done in the style of very thin tarte tatin, with sprinkles of nutmeg (I think...or was it vanilla?). Anyway it came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which is always welcome.

We also had the signature turtle pie - which was chocolate but filled with hazelnut and othe crunch bits, and topped with whipped cream. This was OK but did not wow me.

My favorite was the chocolate fudge cake with marmalade. The layer of fudge in the midde was rich enough for my taste, and the topping of candied citrus rind was a perfect match with chocolate fudge. Yummy!

For me the disappointment came with the coffee jelly (can't remember the actual name...), a cup of layered pure coffee jelly as well as creamy coffee/cappuccino custard. I was picturing something much sweeter, but instead it was unsweetened coffee jelly, and the custard was also unsweetened.

Well, the meal today was saved by the desserts. I guess I should look for something else to order next time...

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