February 27, 2009

You're fired!

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Four weeks after the last Lunch Club meeting, we reconvene for our first Indian food outing. I would have never thought about going to Jashan, since at first glance the sign downstairs doesn't look that impressive. But our fake Indian member insisted that they serve good food. And the place did garner a Bib Gourmand rating from the people at Michelin...although I have to say that a couple of places on that list looked dubious.

We forgo the economical lunch buffet and order a la carte instead. Before he started ordering , we specifically told our fake Indian friend that he should order well, and that he'd be fired from Lunch Club if he ended up ordering the same dishes that tourists like us would. Well, out of the five dishes he rattled off I could have ordered three of them in my sleep...

Murgh tikka - HELLO?! Any bozo can order this dish on their own including me. But all kidding aside, it's classic because it is just so good. Tender chicken marinated in spices and yogurt, then stuck in a tandoori oven and served on a hot plate. Yum!

Goan fish curry - this was one of the winners. I normally don't have fish curries at Indian restaurants, but I must admit that this was pretty good. Maybe it is because the sweetness on the palate.

Dhansak - another pleasant discovery, this is chicken cooked in lentils and pumpkin. The texture is pretty interesting, and one of the few times I actually liked something cooked with lentils.

Palak paneer - the typical cottage cheese cooked in spinach. I love the way spinach is cooked in Indian cuisine into a soft paste.

Together with the basmati rice and a garlic naan, the food was pretty filling. We had to have dessert, of course. We order the gulab jamun, ras malal and kesari kulfi. I'm only somewhat happy with the sweet gulab jamun...

I have to say that the food was pretty decent. It's been a while since I've had Indian, and I'm happy to have found another restaurant I can go to.

By the way Mr. Fake Indian, you're sooooo fired from Lunch Club... Just kidding.


Editor-In-Chimp said...

That guy sounds like a total muppet. I bet you his parents found out he took you guys to Jashan and simply asked him..."Why? Whats wrong with you?"

Anonymous said...

Jashan has some pretty interesting dishes that are not on every Indian menu! They even had brain dishes when the place first opened - they had to be ordered in advance though, and I'm not sure if they're still on the menu. I ate some really delicious brains when I was in Delhi, wonder if Jashan's are as good.

Lambda said...

If I want to be mean, I'll actually eat brain for lunch and annoy the team by talking about it whole afternoon. They will freak out. They've been here for six months and so far have not ventured beyond salad and sandwich for lunch. The type who order yogurt and tea with milk at breakfast at the China Club with a Chinese client....


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