May 22, 2009

The incredible shrinking sandwich

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I met up with a couple of friends for lunch today because I wanted to introduce them to the Reuben sandwich at Dakota Prime. We all had the Reuben at Main St. Deli a few weeks ago, and I wanted them to be able to compare the very different styles between the two.

I haven't been back since the very public spat between the owner and the former chef came out, and I've been worried that things would be changing for the worse. There have been comments that the portions have shrunk since then, which would be a real pity since their lunch was always a very good deal.

We all ordered the Reuben, and lo and behold the thing did get smaller. I was pretty shocked when I saw it. There was a noticeable difference between what's on my plate today and what I had a couple of months ago. So the rumors are true...

Fortunately they still use the same thick-cut corned beef, which is succulent with lots of flavor. But they burnt the cheese and the sauce tasted a bit funny today... which made the whole experience slightly less enjoyable. But it's still a pretty decent Reuben.

They were apparently doing a 10% off promotion, so we got a little break. But I must say that the lunch here is no longer as good of a deal as it used to be...

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