September 20, 2009

Simple but rich lunch

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Got up early this morning and caught a movie with a friend at Pacific Place.  After the movie we decided to stroll over to Star Street, and stepped into the Classifieds Mozzarella Bar to grab an early lunch.

Since we're at a mozzarella bar, of course I was gonna order some of the house special cheese.  I took the mozzarella di bufala campana DOP from Mandara to start.  Four slices of very soft, creamy and yummy mozzarella served over a bed of arugula and a variety of tomatoes - red cherry, yellow, and purple among them.  This was perfect for lunch on a warm day.  A drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of black pepper... the sweetness of the ripe tomatoes complement nicely with the freshness of the milky and creamy cheese.  

Unfortunately, the richness of the cheese got to me pretty quickly, and despite having consumed only a bit of the dish, my stomach was telling me that it was getting full!  I was in trouble, because something else was coming my way.

The scrambled eggs with smoked salmon arrived, and initially all I could do was stare at the plate.  Not that I couldn't eat anymore, but I was contemplating the extent to which I was going to stuff myself.  Not wanting to waste a perfectly good dish, I dug in and tried to enjoy it as much as I could.  The execution was OK, but the reality was that the rich, fatty salmon only added to my troubles.  I am sure that under normal circumstances this would be perfectly enjoyable, but unfortunately I wasn't in the right shape today.

Well at least I accomplished what I came here for, which was to sample the mozzarella.  And I must say I liked it.  Quite a bit.  I think next time I'll be brave and order up some burrata...

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately their burrata wasn't very fresh last time I was there. Hardly comparable to really fresh ones.

I found their olive oil to be rather bland and "cheap".


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