December 30, 2010

Last Michelin starred meal of the year

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I had a quick lunch with Tigger today at Pierre, which would be my last fine dining meal of the year.  Dinner tonight will be something at the airport... probably Popeye's.

Amuse bouche was a dollop of potato salad with onions and what I thought was mackerel, since it didn't taste salty enough to be anchovies.

Risotto "Acquerello", caramelized apple, chicken oyster, marscapone / marjoram emulsion - not bad... the chunks of sot-l'y-laisse were browned in the pan so they were pretty tasty.  Pretty interesting combination of flavors.

Pheasant, preserved and stuffed with foie gras, buckwheat spaghetti, gherkins - it's been a while since I last had pheasant and my memories are vague... This wasn't as gamey as I expected.  Olivier had generously added some black truffle shavings on top... There was caramelized red cabbage on the bottom along with the spaghetti.

I was happy to keep this lunch a simple affair, and decided to skip Nicolas' famous desserts.  There's always next time...

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