April 19, 2013

Red, red prawn

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When I went back to Gold by Harlan Goldstein last week, I needed my dose of wild boar ragout tagliatelle, and as a result surprised Harlan by not choosing something else he knows I love.  At the time I told myself that I was gonna come back during lunch for it.

And so I did today.  While Tigger and his crew were doing their thang with the HG Burger, my focus was squarely on the spinobello pasta, Spanish red prawn in baby shrimp sauce and shaved bottarga di muggine.  This was what I wanted, this was what I came for, and everything else on the menu be damned!

The bodies of the carabineros today seemed a little smaller than usual, but no matter.  The flesh was still pretty tasty, and after all it was the heads that I love so much.  I also love the wonderful flavors of the sauce, and I made sure to twirl the pasta around in the bowl sufficiently to pick up as much of it as possible.  Yummm... The little bit of sauce that was left over was taken care of with some foccacia.  The bowl was pretty clean by the time I was done, although I still have to defer to the ILoveLubutin for the cleanest bowls/plates around.

Another craving satiated here.  NEXT!!

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