August 4, 2013

Shrinking Boy, day 1

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I woke up a little earlier than planned on the first day of my nutritional program, and tossed in bed a little before deciding that I should kick start my metabolism earlier.  I had shopped for the ingredients for today's meals last night, so it would be a snap to put together my breakfast.

I'm meant to consume 1 portion of dairy, 3 portions of grains, 1 portion of meat and 1 portion of fat for my brekkie, and during and after my "orientation" yesterday, I began learning how to translate those portions into real food.  The end result?

I brought my brekkie out on the patio and took in the beautiful view.  This is my third weekend housesitting for the Tiggers, and it's tough to get tired of this view!

Anyway… here's breakfast: 1 glass of plain soy bean milk (no sugar added, of course!) which counts towards my 1 portion of meat/protein; 2 slices of wheat toast, which is my 3 portions of grains; 1 small tub of no fat yogurt (apparently only 50 kcals), which is my 1 portion of dairy; and 6 plain almonds, unsalted, which is my 1 portion of fat.

Normally I don't eat plain toast, but I guess I can wash it down with the soy bean milk.  The no fat yogurt - which claims that less than 1 gram of sugar has been added - was diluted and a little bland.  I guess I'm not used to the texture (in spite of the chunk of mango) nor the flavor (or lack of)…

Breakfast of champions, this is not.

After reading a little on the patio, napping and enjoying the wonderful cool breeze, lunch time rolled around and it was time to try out the pre-made meals for the first time.  I have a bunch of meal-in-a-pouch from the program, meant to be low fat and low calories, and all I needed was to to add a few things around it.

For lunch I'm allocated 5 portions of grain, 3 portions of meat, 1 portion of vegetables and 1 portion of fat.  I tore open the pouch, poured the contents into a bowl and nuked it.

My lunch today: chicken stew with shiitake, which takes up 2 portions of meat and 1 portion of fat; 3 slices of wheat toast, which is almost 5 portions of grains; 1½ slices of low fat cheddar cheese, which is an extra portion of meat/protein; and a bunch of baby asparagus spears.

I was pretty surprised at the sight of the stew… as it looked like there was starch used in the sauce.  At the same time it also tasted of alcohol, and I wonder if rice wine was used to cook it.  I suppose it was best taken with some rice, but toast would work, too.

In the middle of the afternoon, I took in an Envy apple to fulfill my quota for 2 portions of fruit.

I decided to mix things up a little for dinner, as I'm also meant to consume 5 portions of grain, 3 portions of meat, 1 portion of vegetables and 1 portion of fat.  No pouch meal for me tonight, but I'll be eating out of some cans…

Dinner:  1 can of sardines in brine, which is equivalent to 3 portions of meat; 2 slices of wheat toast, fulfilling 3 portions of grains; 3/4 of a can of unsalted corn, which I'm thinking should take up at least 2 portions of grains; some baby corn, which fulfills my 1 portion of vegetables; and 6 almonds for my 1 portion of fat.

I was lucky enough to take in dinner with an awesome view of the sunset.  The food may not be gourmet, but the views I've been getting with my meals today have been nothing short of 5-star!


Anonymous said...

Congrats for making it through the first day! it's always the toughest but it'll get easier! add petro!

Anonymous said...

You have hit on something big here. Please keep blogging on your new diet program to inspire us out here who are trying but lack your discipline. And who knows..may be it helps you to focus as well. I am following with keen interest for the next 90days. Thank you!

Peech said...

Thanks for your encouragement! Imma gonna b the Shrinking Boy!

Derek said...

What tastes better - the MRE or the diet meal in pouch?

Peech said...

Derek, I think it depends on the contents... will let you know when I've tried out more diet meals

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see Day 2.. are you supposed to be on this diet daily for the next 3 months? Courage!

Peech said...

Thank you! I'm not posting daily updates on the blog, but the photos and captions of every meal will be on the FB page. You can check it out there!


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