July 8, 2014

Number one grandson restaurant

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Another long-awaited gathering, and this time our organizer has chosen Kam's Restuarant (甘飯館), the new restaurant opened by Kevin Kam (甘崇軒), eldest son of the late Kinsen Kam (甘健成), whose father opened a little restaurant called Yung Kee (鏞記飯店).  This is the branch of the family that lost out in the feud, so the third generation has now struck out on their own and opened two outlets.

The space wasn't very big, and I arrived a little early, while the diners from the earlier seating were still finishing up.  Business was very good, and anyone without a reservation was turned away at the door.  And even those with reservations would have to wait until their table freed up.

First came the century eggs with pickled ginger (皮蛋酸薑).  Not liking the half that I took today... The chemical/ammonia flavors were a little too much.

We were hungry and eager to try out some of the old favorites, and in the end we had just about the right amount of food for four hungry mouths...

The signature roast goose (燒鵝) was pretty good.  I never used to care for the roast goose at Yung Kee, and found it to be overrated most of the time.  Tonight, though, I found little to complain about.

Sweet and sour pork with hawthorn (山楂咕嚕肉) - the classic version made with hawthorn berries and pickled ginger.  Pretty good, and not too much sauce.

Steamed tofu with preserved mustard and minced pork (梅菜肉崧蒸豆腐) - pretty decent.

Fried eggplant with crab meat (蟹燒茄子) - the eggplant was fried and slightly crispy on the outside, and a heavily starched crab meat and conpoy (干貝) sauce was ladled on top.  Yum.

Stir-fried beef with deep-fried crullers (鬼馬牛肉) - interesting to find that the last time I had this dish was actually at Yung Kee.  Crispy, deep-fried crullers?  Crunchy water chestnut?  Sign me up!

Goose fat fried rice (鵝油炒飯) - with a name like that, what's not to like?!  Sooooo yummy.  I made this mistake of having an extra half-bowl... and got a little stuffed.

Wine consumption was a little weak tonight, as only 2 of us were really drinking...  Plenty of leftovers.

2011 Happs Pinot Noir - strong nose of grape skin and forest.  Sugar sweet on palate.  Lolly water.

1999 Querceto Cignale - a little smoky with grilled meats.  Rounded tannins.

We went a couple of blocks down the road to have dessert at Auntie Sweet (甜姨姨私房甜品), even though I was completely stuffed.  I debated about ordering an interesting drink, but in the end I got something more "usual" for me...

Sago cream with durian (榴槤西米露) - lots of durian here, but it was a little overripe... and on my tongue it almost felt like it was a little carbonated... with a tingling sensation.  Otherwise there was not much to complain about.

Pretty good first visit, and the pricing was more than reasonable.  Would be very interested in coming back to try out a few more things!

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