December 11, 2014

A nice little macaron next door

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It's coming up to year-end, and I was going through the list of restaurants that I haven't been back to for a long time, when the name Lung King Heen (龍景軒) popped into my head.  It's the one restaurants most frequented by affluent tourists looking for Chinese food in town, yet I've never really been a fan.  Given that my last visit was more than 3 years ago, I figured it was time to pay a return visit, and see if my opinion of the place merits changing.

When I called to make a reservation, I wasn't the least bit surprised - albeit still disappointed - to be told that the restaurant was fully booked for the next month.  Given that I had already rounded up a couple of friends for lunch, the only solution was to find an alternate venue.  Fortunately we all like the food at The Boss (波士廳), so I quickly grabbed a table for us.

We ordered a couple of dim sum items, then some carbs and veg - surely enough for the three of us...

Steamed barbecued buns (黑豚叉燒包) - pretty good stuff...

As expected, the filling here ain't the cheap, leftover bits of fat, but proper slices of pork.

Steamed spicy shrimp and pork dumplings (螞蟻上樹餃) - I loooove the taste of these dumplings, since that little spicy kick is usually unexpected for anyone tasting them for the first time.  But today it was obvious from the first glance that the dumplings were over-steamed, and sure enough, the wrapper was too sticky and mushy.  Pretty disappointing.

Deep-fried minced pork dumplings (家鄉鹹水餃) - very well done.

A shot of the interior...

Pan-fried rice flour rolls with XO sauce (XO醬煎腸粉) - this was very, very good.  The rolls were not small in terms of size, and pretty filling.  The interior was soft as expected, while the outer layer had been pan-fried till crispy and crunchy.  I love XO sauce, and I was also pleasantly surprised by the presence of thin slices of scallops.  I'd do this again in a heartbeat.

Fried noodles with Shanghai crab roe (蟹粉炒麵) - well... not so good.  I still don't understand why they use these Cantonese egg noodles to make fried noodles, because it's totally wrong.  Why is it wrong, you ask?  Because of all the freakin' alkali in the noodles.  They don't work with the hairy crab roe, and pretty much killed the taste.

Seasonal vegetables and bean curd sheet in home-made fish soup (魚湯千層浸時疏) - really good comfort food.  The pea shoots and soft tofu sheets are always good, but even better when they're soaked in some warm fish soup.

This was a pretty good meal overall, other than a couple of imperfections.  The quality of the food here continues to be high, and certainly worthy of their little macaron.  Given the proximity to my office, I should look at coming back a little more often...

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