April 26, 2015

Korean with a twist

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Hello Kitty and I were visiting My Favorite Cousin and Wolfie after an kiddie birthday party, and figured we should go out for a bite to eat.  Since there wasn't much that was interesting in her neck of the woods, we figured we'd venture out to the up-and-coming hoods around the western end of the island.  I had seen a post on U-Hang on Gourmet KC's blog just a week ago, and then overheard The Great One talking about the place a couple of days ago.  This piqued my curiosity, and I figured we should probably check this place out - even though I hadn't heard anything about the place before.

The menu was pretty simple and short, which was just fine for a casual eatery.  We decided to just order a couple of items and check out their "east meets west" style...

Bulgogi beef taco - kinda interesting, with chives added to give it an "Asian" feel. Taste-wise this wasn't bad, but the beef/sauce was just too wet, so it dripped down and splattered all over the plate.  That's a pet peeve of mine...

KFC - I was never really enamored with Korean fried chicken and never understood why it's so popular, but hey, any type of fried chicken can't be that bad, right?  There were complaints around the table about the sauce being too salty, which I suppose was true.  Still not bad, though.

Korean porchetta - the minute I saw the word "porchetta", I knew we had to order this.  This, in effect, is an updated version of bossam (보쌈) - where the soft, boiled pork belly is replaced by the crispy Italian variant made with Berkshire pork.  Gotta say that this was really, really yummy... but then again, why wouldn't it be?!  Take some red leaf lettuce, add a piece of porchetta, some chives, a slice of eringi mushroom, and spread some sauce on top before closing the wrap.  Yum.

Stone pot rice with fish roe and beef - I misread the menu and didn't realize that when you ask for beef, the rice comes with both fish roe and beef... which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I was tasked with mixing all the ingredients together - something I accomplished clumsily.  I gotta say that the flavors were pretty good, especially with the addition of flying fish roe.  The alfalfa sprouts and baby pea shoots added a nice, green side to the flavor profile.

The staff had forgotten to tell the kitchen about our order of the cheese rice cake - made with Gorgonzola - but we already had more than enough food at this point.  I guess we'll have to check it out next time... and hopefully we'll also come a little earlier, since last order seems to be at 9 p.m.

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