May 5, 2015

VIP goose

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I was supposed to be a good boy at lunch today, grabbing something filling yet low on the calorie count - like a vegetarian pasta or something.  But my staff seemed to want to have lunch with me, and they wanted something more satisfying.  Yat Lok (一樂燒鵝) seemed to be a good idea, so we dutifully waited in line for it.  When it was finally our turn to be seated, I was surprised to find the three of us seated in a "private room" which seats exactly three.  After all these years of coming here, I'm finally getting the VIP treatment!

Since there were three of us, and getting just a quarter seemed a little weak, I decided to order half a roast goose (馳名脆皮燒鵝) for us.  As it turns out, this was just a liiiittle bit much for us, but we did manage to finish it all.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of that crispy skin, infused with the flavors of five spice, along with that layer of juicy fat underneath.  Just heavenly.

Instead of the usual rice flour noodles (瀨粉), I got myself a bowl of rice vermicelli (米粉) in soup.  Still lovin' that MSG-laden soup...

A very yummy lunch, but I probably used up my fat quota for the day by lunchtime.  Which left precious little room for what's about to come during dinner...

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