April 8, 2016

Cow eats goose

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Just a few days after we last met up in Tokyo, my friend Cow came into town to hang out with some of her friends.  She remembered me talking about my favorite roast goose, so I took time out to introduce her and her friends to the delicious offering from Yat Lok (一樂食館).

Five of us gathered in front of the restaurant at the appointed time.  I told the boss lady that the sixth was on her way, and being a long-time regular - I've been going for about 10 years - she very kindly allowed the five of us to be seated first... which is quite a privilege since she normally doesn't let people do this.  We've got a few hungry mouths to feed, so I decided to order up a storm.

Roast pork belly (燒肉) - I normally don't get to any other roast meat other than the goose, but if you had to, the roast pork belly is a pretty good choice.  It's not overly salty, and the crackling was pretty crunchy.

Barbecued pork (叉燒) - this is normally the weakest of the roast meats here, but today it wasn't bad at all.

Half roast goose (燒鵝半隻) - even though there were enough of us today, we decided not to try taking down a whole goose.  Half was enough for our friends, but I'm glad to see that they enjoyed it.  It ain't my favorite roast goose for no good reason.

Rice flour noodles in soup (瀨粉) - I needed some carbs and MSG, so I had my usual noodles in soup.

The girls wanted lots of veg, so we got ourselves some blanched water spinach (通菜)...

... and some blanched Chinese lettuce (唐生菜).

The ladies seemed pretty hungry and wanted to eat more, but I was already satiated, so I left them to their own devices at Mak's Noodles (麥奀雲吞麵世家) and went back to my office...

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