November 13, 2017

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Over the last few months, Hairy Legs and Bilbaobab and I have been talking about going to Neighborhood together - and yes, they wanted make their first visit with me... even though they have already met The Man in White T-shirt.  So during our last lunch gathering, we tried to pin down a date where we would all be free... which would be tonight - a whole two months from that lunch!  I also managed to rope in The Great One to our table - meaning that she was unable to join some others at a separate table tonight.

As usual we were not in control of ordering, as it was omakase from The Man in White T-shirt...

Hokkaido tomato carpaccio / plum salt - there was clearly more of the plum salt tonight compared to my last visit... Still a nice way to start.

Aquitaine beef / cockle tartare - apparently we got cockles instead of the usual oysters with our Alexandre Polmard beef.  The coriander and deep-fried shallots were a nice touch. 

Foie gras with figs and hazelnuts - actually, this was really delicious.  It's too bad I had to make do with 1/6 of it...  Loved the richness and sweetness of the figs, as it worked very well with the foie gras pâté.

Culatello di zibello "Massimo Spigaroli" and saucisson "Noir de Bigorre" - these are some very, very tasty charcuterie...  Lots of depth in the flavors here.

Dutch Creuse oyster - these were pretty big.

Padron peppers / cheddar - always nice to munch on a few of these... especially with the cheddar.

200 days aged rump / Hokkaido melon - always a crowd-pleaser, but I'd actually like to go back to just having the beef without the melon...  Or maybe next time I'll eat them separately and not in the same mouthful.

Pigeon eggs / escargot butter - always good to have the soft and runny egg with that herb butter and bacon bits.  Yum!

Black truffle chicken wings - perennial favorite.  Who doesn't like wings?  And with black truffle?!

Roast autumn fruits and vegetables "Mr. Ducasse" - nice to get a little bit of veg... and nice acidity as always.

Baby razor clams with girolles - nice acidity here, too...

Wild boar garganelli - this was DAMN GOOD.  Hairy Legs remarked that while an Italian would never do this, the French figured how to make things perfect by adding a little crème fraîche.  Well... he IS biased...  Having said that, this was just about perfect for me.  The rich wild boar ragù had a nice little kick from the piment d'espelette, and that crème fraîche did add a little magic.  Simplicity is not simple.

Kinki paella - we weren't expecting the broadbanded thornyhead (喜知次) paella, but happy that we got it.  As always, the fatty, succulent fish was delicious, and having the fat and juices absorbed by the rice underneath make it perfect.

Salt baked morel chicken / giblet rice - the only dish I pre-ordered.  Another perennial crowd-pleaser, especially when you consider the presence of amourettes, cockscombs, liver, gizzards...  And that creamy morel sauce and the herbs all over...  Just wonderful.

Tarte tatin - pretty good.


We brought a few bottles tonight:

2005 Vincent Girardin Meursault 1er Cru Les Charmes-Dessus - kinda ripe, a little toasty and flinty.

2014 Arnaud Ente Clos des Ambres - a little toasty, leaner, with flint.  Ripe on the palate but there is acidity on the finish.

1996 Chapoutier Ermitage "L'Ermite" - decanted 1 hour prior to serving  Somewhat muted at first, with forest pine and some sweet fruit.

This was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we finally had to chance to come with Mr and Mrs Hairy Legs.  Interesting that on this Monday night, we ran into quite a few tables of friends, including some chefs on their day off.  It's just too bad The Man in White T-shirt didn't have any gold foil...

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