December 17, 2017

Days of burning tongue day 2: more Ice

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Our stay at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok during this trip was a short one, so we decided to stay in this morning and had our Thai breakfast at The Verandah.  The temperature was pretty cool this morning, and it was really nice to be able to sit outdoors and watch the traffic go by on the Chao Phraya River.

Since we were staying on the riverside, I figured that it would be a good idea to hit Krua Apsorn (ครัวอัปษร) on Thanon Samsen for lunch.  I really enjoyed my lunch there last year, and Mr. and Mrs. B really enjoyed their lunch 2 days ago after I recommended it.  Unfortunately, they are a family restaurant chain and don't open on Sundays... which sent me back to the drawing board for our lunch plans.

After moving across town and checking into the St. Regis Bangkok, we took the BTS Skytrain 1 whole stop and went into Siam ParagonBaan Ice Restaurant (ร้านบ้านไอซ์) has its newest location inside this shopping mall, and we enjoyed our dinner so much last night that we figured it couldn't hurt to go and try a few more of their dishes.

Grandpa's kao yam (ข้าวยำคุณปู่) - Hello Kitty wanted to have this again, but now we're sharing the dish between 2 of us instead of 6 last night.  Still very tasty, but now I've got a good amount of rice taking up precious stomach space...

Spicy curry with crab meat and wild betel leaves (แกงเผ็ดเนื้อปูใบชะพลู) - pretty good, and there is a certain level of pungency from the spices.  Try as I might to pick out the small bits of bird's eye chilis, it wasn't long before my tongue started burning again...

Fried domestic fowl with salt (ไก่บ้านคั่วเค็ม) - the Thais do like their fried chicken on the dry side, so this wasn't as succulent as could be.  Still very tasty and especially crunchy on the outside.

This was definitely enough food for the two of us - especially considering I had to down 2 lemongrass coolers to put out the fires dancing on my tongue.

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