May 13, 2018

Droning Boy: Marina Bay

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This was my first trip to Singapore since I acquired my drone, and I've been dying to fly it around the landmarks around Marina Bay.  I've got a fairly busy schedule on this trip, so I figured that the only time I could fly it would be in the mornings this weekend.  Well, the weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday but we chose to sleep in.  And it started raining this morning...

[4K version of the video is available here]
Thankfully the skies cleared up in the afternoon, and after checking into Marina Bay Sands, I decided to take advantage of some time before dinner to get some flying done.

I generally stick to the local rules regarding drone usage, and thankfully the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore has a pretty detailed map showing all the No-Fly-Zones in the country.  But that wasn't quite enough, as many parks around the city also prohibit the use of drones... so in the end I consulted the helpful for a very detailed map - which allows the user to turn each rule on or off.  I also checked with the local DJI Facebook group for guidance.

I ended up taking off from a parking lot next to the Bay Grandstand, and made sure my drone stayed over the water of Marina Bay the whole time, as well as below the 200 ft ceiling. Thankfully there wasn't any interference in this area, and I decided not to risk things by trying to fly to Gardens by the Bay.

I didn't fly for very long, as we needed to go back to our room to change for dinner, but I was glad to have caught the golden reflection of the sun off the glass façade of Marina Bay Sands as it was going down.

Perhaps on my next trip, I'll get a better look at Gardens by the Bay...

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