March 30, 2019

Earth Hour 2019

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It's Earth Hour again tonight, so Hello Kitty and I once again left our apartment and headed to the waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui.  This year we decided to take our little asshole Kuma with us, as he enjoyed the experience a few years ago.

But I did something stupid.  While every year I make it a point to be outdoors so that my apartment or hotel room has its lights turned off, I actually left one little light on when I left tonight.  And as it was very humid I also left one of our aircon units on.  TOTAL FAIL...

We decided to go to the upper level of the Kowloon Public Pier so that I could get a better view of Victoria Harbour.  I set my camera on a tripod, and clipped my phone on top of my camera.  I made the mistake of using my phone to film a timelapse video, and what I should have done was to film the timelapse with my Sony camera while going live on Facebook with my phone.  Oh well, next year.

I'm glad to see that most buildings continue to participate in this meaningful global event to raise awareness about the environment. Even some sailings on the Star Ferry had their upper deck lights turned off. And the ferry that carries advertisement for China Life had the sign switched off, which was most impressive.

Once again a few buildings and advertisers refused to participate. Cellars of National Treasure 1573 (囯窖1573) and Hong Kong Arts Centre kept their neon and LEDs on, but LG switched off this year.

Poor Kuma was told halfway through Earth Hour that he wasn't allowed on the upper level, so Hello Kitty had to bring him down while I stayed to continue filming.  I guess next year we'll find another spot for him.

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