October 16, 2019

Lunch at Dinner

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We had two meetings back to back and no time for lunch in between, so we were starving when we got done after 2 p.m.  I was told to find some place a little nicer for lunch, and since we were in Knightsbridge, I figured we could pop in to the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park for a bite.  Surely we could find something there?

Which is how I found myself back at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. For lunch.  After having dinner here last night.  A few of the staff who served me last night were, no doubt, surprised to see me back so soon...

Thankfully, the set lunch menu looks completely different from the dinner menu.  So at least I won't have to repeat dishes...

Since we were done for the day, we decided to have a glass or two at lunch.

Krug Grande Cuvée, 167ème édition, ID 218020 - can't go wrong with the Grande Cuvée.  Always that lovely, toasty nose.

Dressed snails, grilled lettuce, parsley, anchovy and garlic, (c.1880) - got some carrots, whole grain mustard dressing, hen of the woods mushrooms, and parsley purée.  Pretty nice way to start.

Lamb and cucumber : roast belly of lamb, pickled cucumber heart, onions and rock samphire, (c.1830) - oh man... this lamb belly was just so fatty and beautiful!  Really, really tender.  It's not often that one finds lamb belly on the menu, but damn if it ain't better than pork belly!  We've also got cubes of grilled pickled cucumber, and some nice, sweet peas.  This was so, so good!

Quaking pudding, spiced pears, pickled apple, almond biscuit and perry caramel, (c.1600) - the almond biscuit came with tons of cloves and cardamom.  The Granny Smith apple was roasted, and we've got spiced pears and caramel.  All the flavors that work well together.

Ramos Pinto Adriano White Reserva - more complex than expected, but still a relatively simple drink. Honey and ripe raisin notes. Color was much darker than I had expected.

Pretty happy meal.  Very happy to have come back here for my last meal in London.

P.S.  Dinner was airplane food on my flight from London to Zurich.  British Airways offered me fish curry, and I thought it was an interesting choice.  OK la...

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