April 22, 2020

Discount ribeye

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It's been a while since Fat Donkey and I caught up over dinner with just the two of us, and I figured we could blow off some steam and catch up on current events.  I had initially suggested that we return to CIAK - In the Kitchen as they are offering 30% off food items (but only on their regular menu, not on any "specials", as I discovered a few weeks ago), but Fat Donkey counter-offered with Beefbar - another establishment backed by Uncle Peter that is also offering 30% discount.  So we settled for some beef.

Homemade sea urchin tagliolini - arguably my favorite dish at the restaurant, and we ordered 1 serving to share between us.  This was just... perfect.  The rich shellfish sauce was so, so tasty... and perfect with just a couple of tongues of sea urchin.

Bone-in rib-eye, 120-day corn-fed U.S. Prime Black Angus - this was 50% off, so we figured the two of us could take down a 1.3kg piece.

This was pretty decent, and the parts closest to the bone were definitely the tastiest.  I think my friend was pretty happy.

We did have a side of creamed spinach so that we could get some veg... One of those guilty pleasures for me.

We were looking at each other, trying to figure out whether the other guy wanted dessert.  I was pretty sure my friend wanted some, so we went for it.

Earl grey tea tart - this was OK, but I didn't taste much Earl Grey.  The little chunks of citrus were nice, though.

We also picked out a bottle for easy drinking, since there's also a 30% discount on wines.

2015 Aldo Conterno Barbera d'Alba Conca Tre Pile - pretty soft on the palate, and pleasant to drink.  Perfumed nose.  With aeration the palate got a little more firm.

It was good to catch up with my old friend and enjoy a night out. Looking forward to getting back to "normal"... as much as possible.

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