October 9, 2020

A wonderful second dinner

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I was dropping off wines for my dinner tomorrow at Caprice, and not surprisingly, Hairy Legs asked me to sit down at the chef's table so that he could feed me a second dinner. 

Pâte en croûte - I'm really happy that this has now become available pretty much year-round, and not just during game season the way it used to be.  Always so tasty. 

We also had a charcuterie platter, with some culatello and salami.

Croque Monsieur - I really didn't need any more food, but Hairy Legs asked the kitchen to prepare this...

... so he could shave some white truffle on top.  Helluva upgrade!

2015 Pierre Damoy Gevrey-Chambertin - nice fruit and eucalyptus.

Many thanks to Hairy Legs and the team for feeding me.

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