February 22, 2021

First star in the ox

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We're still in the lunar new year festive period, and NC Chung has very kindly decided to invite me to lunch with the old gang for their team lunch.  I was a little surprised when he picked Ryota Kappou Modern, but happy that I get a chance to try it out.

I chose the slightly shorter Chef Specialties Lunch, but picked a main course requiring an add-on.  As it turned out, everyone else was doing the same!

Some deep-fried lotus root chips to start us off...

Lobster warm salad: grilled lobster, seasonal vegetables - the 'Boston lobster' was nicely done and very flavorful, accompanied by romanesco cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, maitake (舞茸), baby corn, potato mash and dashi (出汁) sauce.

Kobachi - there were three little dishes (小鉢), but since I don't eat tuna at high-end places, I let the guys have my lean tuna (赤身).

The second bowl came with a piece of sushi topped with a thin slice of baby sea bream (春子鯛) and a really thin film of kombu (昆布). Nice acidity here.  We've also got a slice of egg (and fish) roll, some spinach with sesame sauce, and a piece of myoga (茗荷).

The third dish was a prawn and avocado croquette (コロッケ).  Not bad considering it's avocado...

Super tendon: seasonal sumptuous ingredients - this was a premium option requiring a supplement, because it was like no other tendon (天丼) I have ever had.  In addition to a chunk of sweet potato and s slab of corn kernels, we've got a runny egg yolk, lobster, and even a whole abalone cut in two.

I had forgotten some of the ingredients our server mentioned when I ordered this up, so I asked the manager what types of fish we had in the bowl.  I was told that the two pieces came from the same type of fish, meaning eel (鰻魚).  Well... in tempura it's usually pike conger (穴子) and not freshwater eel (鰻).  And one of the pieces was definitely not eel of any kind.  

The beef was nicely done, but pretty darn marbled.  Since the manager was so enthusiastic responding to my question earlier, I didn't bother asking him about the beef...

Seasonal dessert - monaka (最中) with matcha, red bean, and strawberries.

A pretty filling lunch, and reasonably happy.  Maybe one of these days I'll make plans to come back for a dinner experience, when things go back to "normal" - whatever that is.  Oh, and many thanks for NC Chung for the treat!

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