June 15, 2024

Rainy day catch-up

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Rikachu and family are back in town for a few days, so the old gang got together for a dim sum lunch today. As usual I got given the task of choosing a restaurant, and this time around I brought us to Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine (御寶軒) in the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong.

I had to stay home for a delivery so I was a little late to lunch, and the orders had been put in by the time I arrived. Happy to not have been in charge of ordering...

Barbecue pork with honey sauce (蜜汁叉燒) - nicely marbled with decent charring of honey glaze on the outside.

Deep-fried glutinous dumpling (安蝦鹹水角)

Deep fried silver fish with pepper and salt (椒鹽白飯魚) - I love these.

Sautéed Chinese kailan with ginger and Chinese rice wine (薑汁酒炒芥蘭)

Pan-fried beef steak in Chinese sauce (中式煎牛柳) - so funny that this was ordered, as I've haven't had this in a LONG time.

Deep-fried beancurd with pepper and salt (椒鹽豆腐粒)

Deep-fried crispy wonton (脆皮炸雲吞)

Steamed rice roll with beef (牛肉蒸腸粉)

Steamed crispy rice roll wrapped with shrimp (金網脆皮蝦腸) - I do love this, as you've got the crunchy fried dough as the middle layer between the shrimp and the steamed rice flour roll. So tasty.

Steamed pork and shrimp dumpling 'siew mai' (香菇燒賣皇)

Steamed prawn dumpling 'ha kau' (笋尖鮮蝦餃)

Baked pineapple bun with barbecue pork (菠蘿叉燒包) - pretty good la...

It was good to catch up with friends after such a long absence. Hopefully we can do more catching up either here in Hong Kong or in California.

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