November 3, 2016

Pizza with the boss

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The boss is in town for a quick trip, and took the opportunity to have a couple of meals with the team.  I figured we should take him for some non-Chinese cuisine, so we got ourselves a table at CIAK - In the Kitchen for lunch.

While the others went for the lunch set, I decided to order up one of their very delicious pizzas.

Norcina | homemade sausage, mushroom and mozzarella - this was really, really good.  I love a good Italian sausage, and the mushrooms were very fragrant.  The mozzarella melts and becomes very, very stretchy.  Definitely my favorite pizza on the menu.

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pheobe22 said...

This place has the best hand-tossed pizza in town, and their service is awesome too. Not only that, one time there was some confusion with an order we placed, and we got a pizza with some toppings on it that I can't eat. We called and told them, and they offered to make us another pizza and deliver it to us right away help


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