January 6, 1997

The disappearing Paris

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I had dinner at Jules Verne, which was up on the Tour Eiffel.  I wasn't able to come here on my last trip, so I was happy that Cathy had made reservations for us ahead of time.

The menu degustation was pretty good, but coming just a day after La Tour d'Argent, there's simply no comparison.

We had a table by the window, facing the Trocadéro.  The view was incredible, with all the buildings of the Palais Chaillot lit up.  It was snowing harder as the night went on, so that at one point the visibility was basically zero - first Porte Maillot disappeared, and then the rest of Paris.  We could see faint outlines of the lights which faded in and out.  What a sight!

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Sue-Ann said...

The lights fading in and out must have been interesting to watch.


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