January 4, 1997

La Tentation de saint Antoine

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I went back to Au Pied de Cochon for dinner tonight.  For some reason, I didn't have the restaurant's namesake pig trotters when I came here last year, so that's a situation I needed to fix.

We had a dozen escargot bourguignon to start, then moved on to the pig.  We shared a pied grillé, which was not bad.

We also ordered the tentation de Saint Antoine, which I had read about in tourist literature.  This was a pork dish that was supposedly so good, that it was worthy to be the food items in the temptation of Saint Anthony.  I knew that there were four different parts of the pig, and could figure out some of them with my poor French.

Pied de cochon was easy, as was oreille.  Well, Chinese people eat pigs' ears anyway, so I thought it was no big deal.  I didn't expect it to come as one big piece of ear, though...  Queue was the tail of the pig, which was a bit of a surprise.  Not a whole lot of meat here.

But the museau I couldn't figure out turned out to be the pig's snout!  Our jaws dropped at the sight of this.  The kitchen had served us a cross-section of the snout, and we found ourselves staring at two nostrils.  They also didn't do a thorough job of cleaning out all the hairs...  Ick!

In the end, we couldn't finish the ear, and only took a tiny bite of the snout.  But this was definitely an experience!  No more appetite after this, and definitely not taking the giant profiteroles...

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