June 14, 2006

The least memorable 3-star meal

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This post was written 7 years after the dinner, so my memories are even more hazy than it was…

After our nice lunch at Martín Berasategui today, we went back to San Sebastián for our second 3-star meal of the day - at Arzak with our traveling companions Mr. and Mrs. Locust.

The menu for the evening was as follows:

Caldito de alubias rojas con puré de manzana

Puding de pescado con fideos

Queso con dátiles y vinagreta de papaya

Plátano frito con mousse de "arraitxikis"

Arroz crujiente con setas

Calabacin Kefir y frutas atomizadas

Cigalitas inyectadas con maíz

Productos de temporada en cuatro líneas

Flor de huevo y tartufo en grasa de oca con txistorra de dátiles

Lenguado en equilibrio

Rape con hilos y médula

Rape con verduritas

Pichón con judo de lula

Ternera mechada con leche de chufas

Cordero con malta de cerveza

Torrija anaranjada con espinacas

Chocolate, taro y té verde

Sopa de racimo de chocolate

Piña asada pomposa

Avellana fluída con frutos secos

I can honestly tell you that I remember almost nothing from this meal… That's how underwhelming it was.

We drank a bottle of 2000 Clos Erasmus with dinner.  I love this wine.

What was memorable was how we got dissed by Juan Mari Arzak.  We saw him make his rounds to chat with the guests, and eventually made his way to our table.  We told him we were from Asia and that the Locusts were from Singapore (at the time), and he started mumbling about having been to Singapore.  He then made his not-so-graceful exit and escaped from our table, after about a minute or so… or maybe less?  We were flabbergasted.  He took time to speak with every other table - except ours.  And I do believe he speaks good enough English… he just chose not to talk to us.

As we left the restaurant and stood outside waiting for a taxi, Juan Mari came to say goodbye, but again made his escape after a couple of sentences.

So I guess none of us will be going back to Arzak again.

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