November 25, 2007

My worst meal in recent memory

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Tonight I had the worst meal I have had in a long time.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love food. I am known for being a gourmand, for not being shy about spending money on the good stuff. What many people forget is that I am also happy to eat a simple bowl of noodles in a cafe, and most times I have no complaints because I have no expectations.

The venue was Madeira, a Portuguese restaurant in the Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian Macau. We were at the Venetian taking a look around, and wanted to try one of the restaurants instead of eating at the food court. We definitely regretted this decision.

The waitress came and dumped 2 water glasses on our table, and one of them wobbled and almost tipped over. We were given two buns, both of which were slightly burnt. The waitress then poured too much water in the glass and it overflowed. Twice.

The Madeira salad was a shocker...I haven't seen such an unappetizing salad in a while. Two slices of processed cheese (don't think they were even Kraft mozzarella) over some canned tuna, sad (and soggy) slivers of bacalhau, dry slices of pork (I think it was pork...) and some greens.

The African chicken was a disaster. They must have put in about 2 pounds of salt in the damn sauce. I quickly understood why they sell water in 1.5L bottles...since you need to desalinate. I struggled to finish one piece and left the rest.

The curry crab was no better. The curry sauce was just a tad less salty than that for the chicken, and the spices and the salt helped to cover up the fact that the crab is less than fresh. When the meat of the crab sticks to the shell, you know something is up.

It takes a lot to get me worked up about bad food in a restaurant - it's usually the poor service that sets me off. But this place....gets the honor for my Worst Meal of the Year. Here's a picture of the restaurant, so you know to stay away.

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