November 19, 2007

White truffles again

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I was craving for some white truffles so we went to Toscana, the Italian restaurant at the soon-to-be-closed Ritz-Carlton in HK. Chef Bombana has always been the one people trust for white truffle in HK, so I wanted to pay them a visit before the place closes at year end.

The set menu starts off with lobster, which are fresh and delicious, served with mixed greens. But the next two courses are the reasons why we came. The homemade tagliatelle was soft, with yummy sauce, and Chef Bombana came to shave a nice bit of white truffle on top. The perfumed, fragrant (or is it pungent?) nose of white truffle filled the air. It was absolutely lovely. I couldn't help devouring it all in a few seconds.

Next is another classic - the scrambled eggs with white truffle. Here again organic eggs were used, and the eggs appeared orange. Toscana's version seemed to be even more runny than the one I had at Tuscany by H. Very yummy. My cousin Maria wanted to lick the bowl....

Finally we had the medallions of lamb - nicely done but not quite "lammy" for me.

For wine I brought a bottle of 1999 Gaja Barbaresco. I had opened it half an hour before dinner and the restaurant decanted it when we arrived. As it is still a very young wine, it remained relatively closed through the dinner and not quite as good as I had hoped.

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