September 1, 2008

Another heartbreaking moment

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I was rearranging and cleaning out one of my wine fridges tonight, when this happened to me for a second time in my life - and also the second time in this particular apartment. I broke another bottle of wine.

I was almost finished when this 50cl bottle of 1996 Chateau de Fesles Bonnezeaux slipped out of the bottom storage area and fell to the floor. The neck broke, and about 1/4 of the bottle spilled on the floor. Damn! I quickly saved the bottle, and poured the remainder into a decanter, filtering through a coffee filter to make sure there are no shards of glass. I am now sipping the wine as I type... A votre sante!

To be honest, the wine is a little disappointing. The nose has orange blossom, ripe melon, apricot and quince - really wonderfully fragrant. But the wine is a bit hollow on the palate - other than being pretty sweet - and the finish is just a tad short. I guess I should be more careful about how I stack my wine. Now I know that even a bottle that slips out and falls 30cm to the floor can break - it just depends on which part hits the ground first.

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