September 4, 2008

A quick pit stop

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My colleague and I were looking for a place to have Japanese for lunch, and I mentioned my old favorite Sanka (山花) - across the street from the Far Eastern Hotel. It's been a while since I last paid them a visit. We sat at the counter, and the chef and his helpers started to get busy as the seats started filling up.

We were served a mixture of sashimi and sushi, and there were quite a few items which were nice enough and caught my attention. We had a few variations on scallops - seared and sprinkled with salt as sushi, with the salty flavor melding well with the rice; lightly-seared without flavoring, with the sweetness of the flesh standing out; seared and sprinkled with salt and yuzu - another great partnership of flavors; and finally blanched mantle.

The seared shima-aji (縞鰺) sushi was pretty yummy. And then we were served a cute little bowl - a mini-chirashi sushi (散らし寿司)of ikura (イクラ) and uni (雲丹). Finally, a single piece of seared toro (トロ) sushi to finish the meal. I declined the bowl of miso shiru (味噌汁) as it would only make my stomach bloat. We had a yummy summer dessert made from agar jelly on ice and flavored with Japanese black sugar syrup.

Happy to have dined here today. Look forward to my next visit.

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