October 4, 2008

Misia Live

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Tonight I went to see the first concert in Hong Kong by Misia - the Japanese artist, not the Portuguese Fado singer. One of my friends couldn't go and I ended up with his tickets, sitting in the center section, 6th row. Pretty good seats...

I've always liked Misia, and I was always impressed with her voice and vocal range. I haven't followed her career lately, so it was interesting to see if her style has changed over time.

I think Misia generally has three types of songs in her repertoire - the slow love ballads, which is her trademark and loved by her fans; then there are songs with slightly faster beat, making them a little easier to dance to; finally there are the energetic, pure discotheque songs.

Since the tour is called "Discotheque Asia", she started with some of those energetic numbers, and made good use of pyrotechnics. Towards the end of the show, lasers were used to get the crowd going.

However, I must say that these aren't the best songs for a live show. The loud, kicking bass do a good job of drowning out Misia's voice, which is a real shame.

I do love Misia's love ballads, especially "Everything", one of the early songs that made her famous. I'm really happy that she performed a great rendition tonight.

Overall, it was a pretty good show that lasted 2 hours. I'm hoping that Misia will return to Hong Kong soon.

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