July 5, 2009

Dinner in the clouds

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I was invited to dinner at the Dining Room at the new Park Hyatt Shanghai by my friend Kevin. I was glad to have an excuse to go see the new hotel, and dine on the 87th floor just overlooking the top of Jinmao Tower next door.

Kevin graciously shared a bottle of 1989 Margaux with us. It was a beautiful wine, and I'm sure that it was every bit as good as the bottles that Paul Pontallier served us back in April.

I started with scallops with a lemon cream. While the scallops themselves were sweet, I must say that I didn't care for the lemon cream. It was simply too much and too sour for me.

The pan-fried pigeon with green pea mash was very good. The pigeon was very moist and tender, full of the gamey flavors that I love so much. The mash was delicious as well as pretty to look at.

Overall it was a very pleasant meal, and quite an experience to be so high above the city of Shanghai.

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