November 1, 2009


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I went back to Fook Lam Moon (福臨門) for the second time in three nights.  I'm not really sure why, but I seem to have a few groups of friends who inevitably end up eating here.

Deep-fried frogs' legs (椒鹽田雞腿) came first, and these were always very yummy...much better than the ones I had last night at Island Tang.

There always seem to be century eggs and pickled ginger (皮蛋酸薑) on the table with this crowd, and there really is nothing to complain about the eggs here.  I did warn my friends not to drink the red wine after the century eggs, but some people chose to ignore me...with unpleasant results.

The roast 3-layered pork with crackling (燒肉) came in a larger portion than we anticipated, but was really yummy.  There was definitely enough fat here to make this soft and succulent, although I wish the crackling were a bit thicker...

Pan-fried eel (煎蟮球) was crispy and came with a light, sweet sauce.  It was OK but not something I focused on.

The daily soup was made with tomatoes, potatoes, pork and garoupa bones.  It was nice and light, and the slight acidic flavors of the tomatoes helped whet our appetites.

Stir-fried beef cubes with deep-fried garlic (煎牛柳粒) is a favorite of this crowd, and the garlic was just sooo yummy...

Braised tofu with mushrooms and choy sum (紅燒豆腐) - pretty standard fare.

Stir-fried kailan (清炒芥蘭) - the kailan was very nice and sweet.

Fried glutinous rice with preserved meats (生炒糯米飯) - given our disappointing experience a few weeks ago at Farm House, we were determined to come here for the good stuff.  We weren't disappointed.  The rice was dry and al dente, not mushy.  The fragrance of the sausages lingered in my mouth long afterwards.  It's a pity I could only fit two bowls of this in my already-bursting stomach...

One of my friends brought a bottle of the 1999 Gruaud Larose, which was drinking pretty well.  This was a classic claret, with a medicinal nose followed by notes of lead pencil, mint and smoke around a fruit core.  Pretty damn good for casual drinking.

I feel like a broken record when I say, yet again, that I carried my stomach out of the restaurant...

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