December 11, 2009

Dakota (sub)Prime - the incredible shrinking beef

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My colleagues and I passed our licensing exam for our SFC license this morning, which came as a relief to all of us.  We decided to celebrate by doing lunch at a slightly better place than our usual noodle shop or cha chaan teng (茶餐廳), and ended up at Dakota Prime.

I haven't been here for more than 6 months, ever since my last experience with the shrinking Reuben.  I guess one of the reasons why I went back today was to see whether things have changed...whether the shrinking process has been reversed.

Nope!  Instead of ordering my usual Reuben today, I tried out their beef and wagyu burger.  I had seen the size of this when my friend ordered it earlier in the year, and this one was definitely 3 sizes smaller - the patty used to be 1/2 lb but now looks more like 1/3 lb... And they overcooked my order for medium rare. My friends ordered the flat iron steak, which has now become 8 oz instead of 10 oz at the beginning of the year.

OK, I admit that I've left the trading desk for over a year so I no longer follow every single economic number that's published, but did I really miss the fact that we in Hong Kong have gone through a 20-25% inflation during 2009?!

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