January 12, 2010

Rich and creamy lunch

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I met up with a few ex-colleagues for lunch today, and chose a venue that none of us have been to.  I had heard about W52 from a few friends some time ago, and this was a perfect opportunity to try out another Italian restaurant in town.

The restaurant offered a set lunch that seemed to be pretty good value for money, which was something I should have taken advantage of.  Of course, me being me, I went against the grain and did a la carte instead.  Not exactly the most economical choice...

While my friends were having their antipasti buffet, I had a half-portion of risotto alla Milanese con midollo e salsa bordolese. The minute I saw the words "bone marrow" I was sold.  The big bone in the middle is just for show - all the marrow has been dug out and made into little medallions.  The rice itself was reasonably al dente and tasty.  But the portion was pretty small - it really was half the size of the regular portions.

I was still pretty hungry after the risotto, so I muched on some focaccia while my friends were taking in their main courses.  I couldn't leave without trying some dessert, and the semifreddo al torroncino e salsa al caffe was not a bad choice.  The honey nougat was very sweet, and the coffee sauce worked well with the parfait.  The sprinkle of nuts added some contrasting texture to the whole thing.

I think the food was not bad, but not really impressive based on my very small sample.  But I think this place merits a few more visits so I could see what else they can do.


Sher.eats said...

their homemade pastas are very good, especially the ones with fillings

Jin said...

i guess it wasn't my lucky day when we went there for christmas dinner. the only dish that wowed us was the truffle risotto. everything else was a disappointment. :(


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