January 14, 2010

Romancing the pig

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One of my friends has recently opened up Romankan Yokohama (浪漫館横浜), having negotiated the franchise rights from Japan.  This Japanese pork cutlet (とんかつ) specialist has won praise recently from some of my foodie friends, so I decided to hop across the harbor for a quick bite at lunch.

My body's been a bit out of whack for the last few days, and I could definitely see signs of "heatiness" (火氣/熱氣).  So I decided to order the refreshing tomato salad.  The plate of refrigerated tomatoes was indeed cold and refreshing, with a decent dressing.  I think it definitely helped restore some balance.

Since the restaurant's logo includes the phrase 手つくりカツサンド - meaning "handmade pork cutlet sandwich", it's pretty obvious what one should order here!  This was absolutely yummy.  The small piece of pork cutlet was done really well - crispy and flaky crust wasn't too thick.  The pork inside was very tender and juicy.  The sandwich was made with one single piece of toast, which was folded so that none of the sauce would escape.  To do this the bread must be a little moist before being toasted or grilled, or else the bread would simply break into flakes if it were too dry.  I finished this baby in a few bites, and wanted another one immediately...

Now that I've had the sandwich, I'll need to come back a few more times to try out the other usual suspects like katsu-don (カツ丼), sirloin pork cutlet (とんかつ)...  I think my friend's got a pretty good thing here, and I wish him much success!

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Spike said...

I'm always up for this kind of food and will add this to my "plan to try" list.

I wish you could post the addresses of the places you visit as part of the review!


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