February 10, 2010

Foie gras breakfast

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Yesterday I received a gift from the elves.  They had apparently smuggled in some raw foie gras from a farm in New York, and decided to cook it and share with their friends.  So it was that a 100g slice of foie gras au torchon à la Shermoo was delivered to me in an air-tight lunch box.  The elves reminded me to swing by Le Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon to pick up some bread to go along with the foie.  As I was leaving town today, I dispensed with the usual baguette and bought a smaller loaf of traditional bread instead.

I got up this morning and put a few slices of the bread into my toaster.  Then I sat down for breakfast.  The first nibble of foie on its own.  The elves did season it well as they claimed - I didn't need any fleur de sel.  A little smoky, a little nutty, and a good sweet/savory balance.  Very silky and smooth on the tongue, melting easily under the heat inside my mouth.

It was just as heavenly when spread onto the bread from Robuchon, with the acidity of the dough making the whole thing even more interesting.  I tried to take it slow to enjoy the experience, but the plate was empty in no time.  And yes, I picked up the plate and licked it clean.  I could do that in the comfort of my own apartment.

Thank heaven for little elves... especially ones bearing gifts like this!

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