February 14, 2010

On Silver Wings

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I love this song. I first heard it years ago while watching the Japanese drama Beautiful Life 〜ふたりでいた日々〜, where they used this during the opening credits. It's so pleasant and soothing - the female vocals are just soooo alluring... Like a siren song, or a lover beckoning you with the promise of a warm embrace, wrapping you up comfortably like a warm blanket.

I heard it over the radio a couple of days ago, and finally decided to look for it.  It's called On Silver Wings and is composed by Steve Spiro and Paul Wickens, and recorded on the CD Glorious World.

On Silver Wings (a)



Khaw Jing-Huan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peech said...

sorry I have no idea... You'll just have to look harder...


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