March 21, 2010

Yummy fatty pork

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For all the years I've lived in Hong Kong, somehow I never got around to having dim sum at Fu Sing (富聲).  I've traditionally gone to the same few places for my dim sum, but after meeting up with a few fellow Chowhounds who seem to hit this place each time they're in town, I figured it was time for me to check it out for myself.

Country style salty fried dumplings (家鄉咸水角) - these were OK.  Could have used a little more filling...

Steamed dumplings with scallops and asparagus (帶子蘆筍餃) - not very impressed.  The ingredients were mushy, and would have been better if the asparagus had a bit more crunch.

Crystal prawn dumplings (晶瑩鮮蝦餃) - while the skin was thin and hadn't been overdone in terms of steaming, it did stick to my plate and became hard to remove.  The use of MSG was very obvious.

Steamed pork and prawn siu mai (燒賣) - these were OK.

Crispy pork buns (酥皮叉燒包) - probably the most famous item on the dim sum menu here...These were very, very good...on par with the ones found at Che's Cantonese Restaurant (車氏粵菜軒) or Tim Ho Wan (添好運).  Crispy, flaky exterior containing delicious runny filling...

Wonton and vegetable in fish soup (魚湯雲吞時蔬) - the soup was pretty nice, but the wontons were a little flat and flimsy...not the typical Cantonese wontons.

Deep-fried mud carp balls (酥炸鯪魚球) - these were OK.

We ordered a combo plate of the Fu Sing char siu (富聲叉燒) and the roast pork with crackling (燒肉).  These were definitely the highlights of the meal!  That char siu was almost perfectly balanced between the lean and fat portions, and dripping in the honey glaze.  The reputation as one of the best char siu in town is well-deserved.  I could barely stop myself from picking up piece after piece with my chopsticks.  But...I was distracted by the other half of the plate.  The crackling on the roast pork was so perfectly crispy.  The layer of fat between the crackling and the meat was, needless to say, heavenly.  I just couldn't stop myself from putting these into my mouth and squeezing the fat between my teeth.  Is there anything better than fatty pork?  I think not.

We also had some stir-fried kale (炒芥蘭) to take in some greens.

So I finally did try out the dim sum at Fu Sing.  But honestly, I came away a little disappointed after all the hype.  It was a pretty good meal, but not meaningfully better than what I could have had at other places I frequent, and certainly a level or two below a handful of top restaurants in town.  But that plate of fatty pork was certainly worth going back for...


CW said...

Fu Sing is known for their "new" dim sum items - such as salt and pepper tofu cubes, rice paper rolls fried with XO sauce, fried turnip pudding etc, and yes their BBQ pork buns are the best!

Peech said...

well...these items are available at places like Victoria (where the chef came from, I believe) so really not that special unless their execution is superior.


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