June 18, 2010

A little corner of Brittany

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It's been a while since Lunch Club reconvened, and after talking about it for a few days, we finally got around to visiting La Crêperie.  They've been in Hong Kong for a couple of months now, after first setting up shop in Shanghai.  One of us has been to the Shanghai outlet and wasn't impressed, but we were pretty hopeful.  After all, the restaurant is a stone's throw away from all the froggies working at SG and Newedge, who supposedly treat this as their cafeteria...

Now that we are sitting in our little corner of Brittany, what better way to kick off lunch than by having some apple cider?  We started off with a bottle of Kerné Brut, which went down very well on a day like this.  The color was a nice orange in the custom made cider bowls.

There were simply too many choices on the menu and I wanted to order half of them...  So I settled on the combination of 2 galettes followed by a sweet crêpe

La Complète - the classic, with ham and cheese and a sunny side up egg on top.  Pretty nicely done, and the buckwheat flavor was pretty intense...or was it just because it was nicely crispy and browned?  Anyway, I was pretty happy with this.

La Bosco - I've always loved seafood galettes... nicely done with white wine cream sauce, and I always love the extra little something that parsley brings.  Plenty of baby squid, squid tentacles, mussels, shrimps...etc.  Very yummy.

The first bottle of cider disappeared very quickly, so we ordered another bottle of the same, plus a bottle of the Val de Rance Doux.  The second bottle was clearly sweeter, although this isn't a problem for someone who loves drinking sweet and dessert wines.

The restaurant's menu is pretty extensive, but a number of items are still unavailable.  The Resident Froggie and I were very excited about being able to taste far breton here... I had just watched a Bourdain episode on Brittany.  But alas, we were informed that this item was not available.  So I had to make do with La Vague, which was made with salted butter caramel.  As soon as the plate was set down, the lovely smell of caramel brought on that conditioned drooling...  This was really nice.

I think there were a few happy campers today, including the Resident Froggie who promised to return.  I think I will, too... and soon.

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