August 31, 2010

Self-righteous Chowhound moderators

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For the last few years, I have developed a close connection to the Chowhound boards.  It's a pretty good venue for discussions about food and restaurants, and I've been both a user as well as contributor, wishing to share my experiences with the world at large.  I check the boards almost daily for new topics of discussions.

I've just returned from a fantastic eating trip in Tokyo, and eager to share my experience with my fellow Chowhounds.  Today I have chosen to post a couple of messages on the Japan board, and have provided links to my blogposts.  As my blogposts can be very detailed and long-winded, I did not wish to repost the text in its entirety on Chowhound.  Posting links together with some additional commentary seem like an efficient way to achieve my goal.

The self-righteous moderators have removed my posts, and sent me a message warning me not to post links to my blog, as they see it as promotion and self-promotion.  There are plenty of others who post links to blogposts, and yet they choose to remove my posts while  other posts remain.

Well, there are no ads you can click on my blog.  There are no sponsors.  I don't receive a penny from anyone when people come and read my blog.  The blog is my diary, which I started for my own benefit as I wish to preserve the memory of my great food, wine and travel experiences.  I've chosen to share it with the public because when you come across something good in this world, it needs to be shared.

I've decided to no longer share my experiences with the users of Chowhound, because my contribution is deemed unnecessary by the bozos who moderate the boards, who see something sinister in what I do.  The same moderators have repeatedly removed posts from some of my other friends, for completely different yet equally ludicrous reasons.  One other friend has already stopped contributing some time ago, and now I'm doing the same.

Those moderators can kiss my big, growing ass...

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EH said...

I just came to your blog after searching to see if my experience with Chowhound was unique. I've used the site for years to learn about places to try in new cities.

I recently started replying to some posts. I can't believe the 'moderation.' I've always gone to Chowhound instead of Yelp because I thought it was less censored -- not the case!


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