August 9, 2010

Third time lucky

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Another macaron run in Taipei.  This time I'm with the parental units running some errands, and we decided to sit down at Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris (パティスリー・サダハル・アオキ・パリ) to have a cuppa and nibble.  I didn't do so well on my previous two visits, and I was hoping that the third time would be the charm...

The elves had raved about the poire caramel, so of course I had to try it.  They were absolutely right!  For someone like myself who loves caramel, this was pretty awesome.  The caramel top was very hard, and the whole thing was a little challenging to cut.  The caramel itself was very, very sweet and very burnt/smokey - not exactly mild in terms of flavor.  The pear was pretty good, but clearly overpowered by the caramel.  Yummm.....

Mom's eyes opened wide when she saw the millefeuille vanille, and that was pretty awesome, too.  The same hard layer of caramel was on top, with 3 clusters of millefeuille and classic vanilla pastry cream in between.  Mom liked it, and so did I.

This being summer, I was finally able to have Sando-kun (サンドくん) - the ice cream sandwiches.  The good thing is that you can get them in halves and try out more flavors.  Given my previous experiences here with anything flavored with macha (抹茶), I decided to pass on that and get the vanilla and chocolate instead.  While I liked the chocolate-flavored cookies on the outside, I have to say that the ice cream fillings were not very exciting...

All in all, though, this was my most successful visit.  No queasy stomach thanks to the overly milky macha, and I carried away another bunch of macarons for a few friends in Hong Kong who responded to my Facebook update...  The only real disappointment was that they ran out of the ume (梅) flavor, which I felt was one of their best.  Quelle horreur!!!

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