April 5, 2011

Change for Children

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One of the "benefits" of being my friend is the constant exchange of potshots between myself and my friends.  These are all good-natured, of course, and helps keep everyone in a light mood and ensures everyone's got their feet on the ground.  Over the last couple of years, my good friend Tigger has received his fair share of "insults" from me, especially regarding his vanity.

All joking aside, one of the things I admire about Tigger is the charity work he has done over the years, particularly his involvement with UNICEF.  He has helped raise a significant amount of donations for UNICEF's various projects, although some of them - such as Porsche's donation of several Cayennes to assist in educating children in earthquake-ravaged Sichuan - may leave us scratching our heads a little...

Today saw the launch of another one of Tigger's projects - one that is much more significant and far-reaching.  UNICEF has teamed up with the Hong Kong Hotels Association to establish the "Change for Children" fundraising campaign.  The initial phase has the participation of 33 hotels in the Hong Kong SAR, with the hope that it will expand to all of the 100+ members of the association.

Those of us living in Hong Kong - or visit the city frequently - should be no stranger to UNICEF's "Change for Good" campaign with Cathay Pacific Airways.  It has been a big source of funds for UNICEF over the years and one of the most successful campaigns.  "Change for Children" can be seen as the "land" equivalent. 

Donation envelopes will be placed in every hotel room inside the participating hotels.  Donation boxes will also be placed at each hotel's front desk or concierge desk.  This will ensure maximum reach and allow guests to contribute with ease.

At the press conference I attended today, celebrity Aaron Kwok (郭富城) was formally appointed Ambassador for the Change for Children campaign.  Aaron has worked with UNICEF for the last few years, and was chosen to be the face of this particular campaign. 

Let us hope that visitors to Hong Kong are generous in donating their spare change.  As Tigger said in his speech today, "every dollar, every penny, every cent counts".  Let us also hope that some time very soon, we will find a donation envelope in every hotel room in Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

Over the years, I have accumulated bottles of coins from various trips that I want to donate. I don't want the burden of hauling them to the airport when I travel. I wonder if I may just drop them off at the Mandarin next time I have a drink there? You may want to suggest to your friend that UNICEF can leave a box at the hotel receptionist for the local donors as well.

Peech said...

All participating hotels will have donation boxes on their front desks. Unfortunately the Mandarin is not participating during the initial phase of this campaign. The current list of participating hotels can be found here: http://www.unicef.org.hk/news-media/unicef-news;news/324/UNICEF-x-Hong-Kong-Hotels-Association

LaCie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Peech said...


If you don't like what I have to say here and have no compassion for others, don't read my blog.

LaCie said...


I have quite enjoyed reading your blog, until you wondered off the path into some pretentious 'we care' nonsense. I'm a private equity guy myself. Let me just say let's admit that we don't give a shit about what's going on in a third world country or the environment of the Earth, when we dine at Caprice with 3 bottles of Petrus or when we drive our Lambor or Ferrari aimlessly around town on a Sunday morning. So please don't pretend that you are any different.

If you think I have no compassion for others, why don't you leave my comment there for other readers to judge instead of censoring a different opinion? Are you turning into commies?


Peech said...

You don't know me or my friends, so do not presume to know what my friends and I do or do not care about. Just because you may or may not spend any time/effort on helping others doesn't mean the rest of us do not.

And I am tired of having a debate with you on social issues on my blog. My blog is the way I write it. As I said before, if you don't like it, don't read it. You can choose to skip over my ranting if you'd like, but I don't want to hear about you commenting on how I am pretending to care, because I do care.

I will delete anyone's comments which I find to be anything but constructive, because this is MY blog. Name-calling me doesn't get you anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peech; bravo to ya! Always stand up of the good guys! Tigger is also a good friend of mine and my wife's and its been our privilege to know him and work with him over the years on some of these projects.
For all fellow foodies, I'd like to share - recently Tigger has worked with folks from the global food bank organization to launch Hong Kong's first dedicated food bank stocked with food that would have gone to waste.
La Cie; I'm sorry for you as you are really are ignorant. Full stop. Stop insulting my friend who is actually accomplishing things to benefit others. Clearly you don't know him and are completely blinded by jealousy. Lambos and Ferraris? So what man? Why? Can't afford a car? I've seen you use this handle before "V". I suggest you stop now.
Peech; I apologize for using your forum to address Mr. La Cie but I won't stand by and let a low life attack a good person that I admire.

Unknown said...

Ditto Dude. I just saw this and won't let this happen.
La Cie or V whoever the hell you are get your sorry negativity off Peech's food blog and spare us your sick attacks on someone who is actually doing something for this messed up world of ours. I'd rather stick up for guy doing tons of good for the world even if he shows up in his many fancy cars than tolerate scum like you doing shit all riding the bus. Get lost.
Anonymous; please expose La Cie / V for us so we can get a good look at him.

Unknown said...

Hey Peech, not sure if you know that I've been volunteering at SCPA with your cousin and also at the Red Cross. Normally I'll just check into you blog for ideas but as someone involved in charity I'm not going be quiet this time. I saw this and was shocked at La Cie's behaviour. Initally I was lost for words.

La Cie I pray that you learn from me and others like Tigger who have contributed to our society. I can feel that you have lived a hard life and sadly life is not fair but God does have his reasons. Please don't poison other people's efforts for good with your evil banter. What Tigger and others have done is not easy and their efforts really do a great deal of good. I only wish we could have him help SPCA and Red Cross. Use your energy to do good every day and it would be great if you could cheer on those who do in whatever way they can.

I'll be toasting to your enlightenment with a glass of wine. God bless you and may you find peace and happiness in your life.

Lisa W

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, you are so right and good on you for your work with animals and the red cross. Hong Kong needs more people like you so keep up the good work!

Alex, please leave La Cie alone. He has lived a hard life and sadly things have not gone his way over the years but I also have hope in him to change for the better so I'm not going to name him now as it will only further ruin him. All I will say is that he is not in the investment nor finance worlds but knows some of the guys who are and he secretly despises them all. I also have this problem with him as a friend.

But I wrote to stand up for a good friend who is doing his bit in the world and not destroy another. I don't want to drive La Cie further into anger and hate as this is not constructive to anyone. Especially himself.

La Cie seriously do take Lisa's advice. Get a proper job and a grip on your life before you go attack friends I respect for having a grip on theirs for doing good. It won't make you feel better man. Try doing good for a change man. I've said my words.

Anonymous said...

R e = R f ( 1 - T i ) + b e [R m - D m T m - R f ( 1-T i ) = La Cie = Charlie Sheen

Seems like you got yourself Charlie Sheen posting on your blog after hes done 7 gram rocks with full of "Tigger" Blood!

Anonymous said...

Hey La Cie, V, Charlie Sheen - I wanted to send this out before I headed out to lunch. Heads up - please don't bomb the Four Seasons Hotel because nobody offers a better set lunch deal than Caprice.

Also stop pretending to be someone you're NOT. You are NOT one of us but yet you're dangerously trying to deface the reputations of the hard working people in the finance industry. We are good people and we have worked hard in school and in our professions to be where we are today. We are rewarded with strong incomes and we are not ashamed to provide better lives for our families and enjoy good meals with our loved ones.

I can tell you we do really, really care about what is going on with the world and do what we can to help. So unless you have something you care to share about what you've done with your life, I suggest you to shut up you pathetic fraud of a man.

I for one agree with Alex, we need to find out who you are.

Peech do you know who this Jerk is?


Unknown said...

There is far too much hatred in this world. While I do think La Cie has some serious personal issues to deal with, these are his own issues so lets allow him grow by himself or seek some professional help in his own time. I don't agree on persecuting him. What happens after we find him?
Lisa W

Anonymous said...

La Cie está loco - bring a dog net Alex!

Unknown said...

Hi Alex & hunting party, I'm in!
La Cie there is no room for you on Peech's blog or at any fine restaurant here. Peech works his ass to provide all of us with accurate feedback on all things food. I also admire people when they do good no matter how much they have or don't have. Peech should be encouraged to admire his friends for what they do for society.
You on the other hand sound like a sad pretender. You know nothing about good food or good people. So know this, Peech has lots of friends and we're going to find you at your miserable little table at McD's..... You are a very sorry little man.

Unknown said...

Hey Steff welcome aboard. We're going to catch this nut. Any of you guys have leads just send em to Peech or me at woalex70@gmail.com we'll catch this prick.
Hey La Cie, you know us many of us Bankers were once nerds too ;-) don't you worry we'll find ya isp.

Peech said...

Hey people, thanks for your support. Let's keep our heads cool. I just want this person to stop making ridiculous comments here. If he wants to continue to live life the way he does, it's really none of my business.

No need for a hunt...

Anonymous said...

No doubt that La Cie is a sad case but I totally agree with Peech. It's his blog and we all need to respect his wishes.

Alex what will you do when you find La Cie's isp? It'll trace back to his tiny apartment that he shares with like two other people so come on man, not worth it.

Its dinner time so lets focus on food!


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