April 23, 2011

My favorite lamb

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Tonight was always going to be the highlight of my Easter weekend, as I stuck around town so I could attend the Mrs. Tigger's birthday dinner.  I was a little surprised when the venue chosen turned out not to be within the Mandarin Oriental, but 8½ Otto e Mezzo.  Naturally I have no issues with this choice, as I have never had a disappointing meal there.

As I waited for the party to get started, I realized that some of my friends were having dinner in the room next door, drinking some fabulous wines for a casual Saturday dinner.  This would turn out to be a happy coincidence.

Marinated red tuna, citrus and wasabi dressing, spring vegetables salad - the cubes of tuna were pretty delish, and the salad was a refreshing way to tickle our taste buds.

Poached langoustine, on white asparagus, langoustine jus and white asparagus emulsion - it's white asparagus season and the restaurant has a bundle of giant sticks on display.  I sometimes find white asparagus overrated, but not here, not today.  Poached perfectly, so that there is still some of that crunch as you bite into it, without being overly mushy.  The langoustine was yummy, too... and I eagerly scooped up the jus with my spoon.  But the real surprise was the oyster leaf garnish... sooo full of the briny taste of the sea!

Artisanal chitarra, squared spaghetti with red king prawn and "datterino" cherry tomato - another wonderful pasta...  The hardness of the noodles was just perfect - love that bite.  The sauce was delish, and O-M-G the prawn was sooo good.  There's nothing quite like these red prawns.  Succulent, fresh and sweet. And I cracked open the head and made sure I got to suck out every last bit of the goodness inside.  Pungent?  "Fishy/smelly"?  Bring it on!

Colorado rack of lamb, artichoke purée, black olive and lamb jus - when I saw the proposed menu more than a week ago, I told myself that nothing else mattered as long as they've got my lamb...  and this is STILL my favorite lamb in all of Hong Kong.  I can't rave enough about how perfect this little lamb chop is.  There was also a nice little piece of romanesco on the side.

We got ourselves a nice little lemon cake from Cova next door for the birthday girl.

Wild strawberry, moscato jelly, mascarpone cream and crispy meringue - the mascarpone cream was pretty yummy, especially with the crispy bits on top.

But I always prefer the delicious wild berries which are wonderfully tasty, and the moscato jelly is a good complement.

1979 Chave Hermitage Rouge - I brought the bottle for the birthday girl.  Lots of leather in the nose, with smoke, a little floral, very ripe and plummy. Acidity was a little high, but the wine was still fairly enjoyable.

1995 Tirecul La Gravière Cuvée Madame - one of my friends came over from the next room with a glass of this for me to taste.  Lovely orange zest, a little acetone, pretty sweet on the palate without being overboard. A pleasure to drink such a rare wine.

A very nice way to spend a Saturday night.  Looking forward to coming back for more.


Unknown said...

The Lamb here is so good, it's got to be eaten to feel how it is like! Thanks for your heads up from previous posts... and it was convenient that on the day we visited it was also on the menu !! :)

Peech said...

from what I remember the lamb is on the ALC menu so one can have it anytime!


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